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graphics on powys,wales

acmilangracmilangr Member New Car Smell
i really enjoy the game and i want help the more i can on the production of this game.

i see that graphics on monaco stages are not as incredible as on greek stages.

greek stages are so detailed and they are superb. it is hard to understand if it is videogame or real world. 

but this not happens in other 2 country stages especially in powys,wales.s o it would be nice all stages to have amazing graphics as greek stages.(i am greek too).

do you agree?

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  • zawalzawal Member New Car Smell
    Monaco est trés bien pour moi (ultra textures)
    Rally gamer !!!

    spec : i5 3570 / 660 nvida /16 gb ram / graphique full élevé en 1920/1080
  • acmilangracmilangr Member New Car Smell
    topic has edited. my wrong i was talking forpowys,wales
  • austinbaustinb Member Pit Crew
    i think its just because of the lighting, wales is meant to be cloudy and gloomy so you dont have the bright colours and crisp textures of the sunny greek stages
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  • RodgerDaviesRodgerDavies Member Champion
    Agreed Austin, I certainly have no complaints about the Welsh forest stages, they look just like the ones I remember from December! Would be nice to have a clear sky option maybe, but they look good at the moment.
    Put the Stratos back in H2 please!!!
  • AreyoubenAreyouben Member Race Engineer
    Now that wouldn't be reallistic would it? Haha! :p
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