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Safety Car post 1.9

Just upgraded from 2016 to 2017, and always race 100% distances. I've seen on the forums about the problems with the safety car, but can't see any response from Codemasters as to a fix, post 1.8 patch.

Had a SC come out in the rain during a 100% race around China, and got a drive through penalty for being too far behind the car in front, despite being only two seconds behind!!! So, after serving the penalty, I re-joined the race behind Verstappen (who was in fourth place) and was given clearance to pass... only to be told continually to give the place back!

Got to be honest and say that I'm loving 2017 over 2016 thus far, but this SC issue is a MAJOR screw-up, and two months in, if it's still in the game, I am somewhat concerned Codemasters can't fix it. So Codies, what's the situation, and are you fixing this in the next patch?
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