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F1 2017 Glitches that still exist after 1.09 update

HenryMxDTUFHenryMxDTUF Member New Car Smell
Platform: PlayStation 4
Mode: Multiplayer Races

Hello I will keep this thread short and straight to the point since I've got video footage of these glitches.

1) Online sessions randomly crash after they load you into the race.
2) 1 Lap race in a 5 lap race, this ones fairly new therefore I'm not entirely sure how it happened although I was taken out at the start.
3) Safety Car at the start of a race.
4) Falling to far behind the Safety car, yet you cant overtake the car behind to close the gap because of yellow flags. This results in drive through penalties and disqualifications. (Fixed in 1.10 Patch Ignore this one!)
5) Random Frame rate drops although these have been occurring since the game was released, as a result this can usually slow the players down while they are in a race however it sometimes has no effect on other players. For example 4 players in a race may suddenly experience FPS drop and their screens will start freezing etc, this also slows their cars down and cause them to loose time during the race while the FPS drop. Furthermore I would like to add that this FPS drop is very random and can sometimes effect 20 people in the lobby and sometimes only 4, however those 4 players that are effected will slow down rapidly for the other 16 players often causing a crash as you will later see.
6) Blue safety car, now I am aware that you addressed this issue in the previous patches however as you will see  it has not been fixed.
7) Multiple Safety cars appearing every few laps if someone crashes out during a Virtual Safety Car (VSC), however the footage that I will use is from a 1.08 update however I can asure you that this is still occurring since we experienced it again 2 days ago in Canada. Now another possible cause to this might be damaged AI cars that are left by other players who leave the race without retiring the cars properly. I will be doing some tests on this once I have some time on Tuesday and its just a theory right now, this involves an Auto-repair option that you have in the game that replaces damaged wing (This option does not actually work so we often need to go and choose "Yes" instead of "Auto").  Its possible that the damaged AI cars end up driving slowly because they are damaged, as a result they also cause yellow flags every time they pass sectors as you will see in the video later on. As the AI cars drive in these longer sectors (for example main straight in Bahrain), they end up causing longer yellow flags in those sectors as a result the game then thinks that there has been a crash in that sector. This then forces the safety car out. however this is just a theory with some evidence I will be testing this out on Tuesday.
8) Cars beings spawned on top of each other during race starts, this can occur after qualifying. 
9) Speeding in a pit lane under yellow flag and then being penalized for it.
All links and footage bellow:

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