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Dirt 3 Complete-ly Broken and does not start

Dirt3BrokenDirt3Broken Member New Car Smell
Owned original Dirt 3, rec'd Dirt 3 Complete as part of getting away from terrible GFWL.  First time installing Complete Edition.  Original Dirt 3 uninstalled prior to installation.

None of the normal "preinstall" files like DirectX seemed to install in advance.  Dirt 3 goes fullscreen black, Dirt 3 logo appears, then crash.  "Dirt 3 Executable has stopped working"

Attempted Fixes:
Verified Files, confirmed installed correctly.
Installed, then removed, OpenAI from Dirt 3 folder
OpenAL v1.1 installed from this link (link listed in Steam Discussions does not work) - https://www.openal.org/downloads/
Installed VC Redistributable from Dirt 3
Could not install DirectX from Dirt 3 folder due to install script.
Searched registry for "Dirt 3".  Only references to Complete Edition were found.
Noted Dirt 3 Complete Edition does not contain SecuROM using SecuROM's diagnostic tool.

System: Win7 x64, i7-920, GTX 970 (Geforce Experience NOT installed)

Note:  Actually received a Steam Trading Card for all the times I tried and failed to start Dirt 3 Complete Edition.
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  • Dirt3BrokenDirt3Broken Member New Car Smell
    Looks like I got lucky.  No help from this useless forum, but it seems installing Dirt Showdown fixes the problems with Dirt 3.  I noticed Dirt Showdown installed Rapture 3D along with the standard directx and other apps.  These may have been apps Dirt 3 Complete needed but didn't include in installation.  The only thing I see Dirt 3 Complete installing is OpenAL.  Leaving this here in case someone else has the same problem.

    Learned a valuable lesson, if I have problem with any future games, just insta-refund because Codemasters support is terrible.
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