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Why am I losing my reputation?

I need serious help...I am constantly losing my reputation in F1 2017 career mode and I’m not coliding,crashing or cutting corners and I’m always beating the teams expectations and I’m in the purple zone.Is it because I’m not spending rescourse points on the engine, aerodynamics etc.? 
Please help me!
(PS: playing as Torro Rosso; AI:93)


  • izoazlionizoazlion Member New Car Smell
    Having the same issue actually. Same difficulty, same team. 2 seasons in and my rep is on the floor but I'm doing well overall. Can only put it down to poor race ettiquete but that seems a stretch given my results.
  • alex98palex98p Member New Car Smell
    I can only think of 'dirty driving'. What I mean is that your team doesn't care how YOU get results BUT other teams do. For example, you are getting lapped and have to make way for the car to pass (blue flag). If you hold up the car that is lapping you or make contact (even small), that team will reduce there reputation of you. Now lets say you get a good result in that same race you get lapped, your team will still be happy with you. hope you understood the concept of what I said :)
  • MetRBRMetRBR Member New Car Smell
    I have a similiar issue. Driving with Sauber (90AI) and it’s extremely hard for me to build up some reputation, even after finishing in the points. I don’t really know what i can do.. i get some cornercutting warnings and tracklimit fractions, but i am getting much better with blue flags. Is it even possible to gain Reputation from other teams when finishing 19th, just in front of your teammate? 
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