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WRC cars and team liveries from all era's

I don't know about everyone here but I would love to see all the WRC cars from 1995 to present day with there team liveries. The Tommi evo's and liveries, the Corolla and liveries, all Citroën Xsara and Kronos Citroën liveries, the 1998-99 late version Ford cosworth WRC and liveries, all the way up to every model Ford focus in every livery, (Stobart, Henning Solberg expertk, Martini racing and M-sport), all Subaru's and liveries. You get the idea.


  • JellyDriverJellyDriver Member New Car Smell
    CM devs would have to sell everything, their families included, to earn enough for buying these licences. Never gonna happen... officially. But if only the game supports adding custom liveries, modding community will take care of this problem.
  • SRS13Rastus1701SRS13Rastus1701 Member Pit Crew
    edited May 2015
    I'd prefer to see the ability of the modding community to have liveries added to the "official" game ones.

    There are some excellent and prolific modders out there (like Hoonhead who already has a thread for mods up and running, among many many others) but they are just replacing a livery already in the game, so only those with the exact same modded livery, patched to the exact same official one will ever get to see it online.

    Plus as @JellyDriver ; said, the problem with official liveries is the licencing to reproduce them can be exorbitantly expensive in a product for sale such as a game, especially if used without permission. I for one would Love to see the Lancia Delta HF Integrale in it's Martini colours but I KNOW Martini actually sued some guy in the UK for using it on his real Delta without asking 1st....

    Maybe CM could add some of the better custom liveries in little patches etc. Subject to any licencing problems ofc. I've seen some insane custom liveries with no "Official" logo's at all, just designs and artwork etc?
    It seems I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe....:D
  • RallycameramanRallycameraman Member Champion
    No need to start a new thread for this. The forum is cluttered as it is. Add it to the feedback thread pinned to the top of the forum. 
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  • RicemanV1RicemanV1 Member New Car Smell
    You should try filming the rally in my country, Sol Rally Barbados. It's the biggest rally in the Caribbean. 
  • teknopunkteknopunk Member New Car Smell
    I too would love these liveries to be available.
    As has mentioned it is likely not economical of the studio to achieve licensing of these liveries but two things I would love to see:

    1) Codemasters will include "neutral" versions of these original liveries (neutralize brand names and logos but keep livery design and exact colorcodes to the original ) and provide templates of these liveries to the community for modding.
    2) Fully support modding with easy to use folder system and maybe even with an easy to use modding dev kit software where modders can "map" their liveries, preview cars in 3D, … Mod liveries should NEVER displace any original content but should be added as additional car slots in added order (ideally sorted according to a properly named date of the original livery, so modders would have to include the proper year of a livery and it would be added, sorted and filtered this way).

    I find the way how different car liveries are presented in RaceRoom Race Experience very quick and convenient (although that software obviously does not support modding).
  • JamesUptonJamesUpton Member Unleaded
    We all would love to see that, though I highly doubt CM could secure the licensing for it. The only reason why I believe we even have some of the cars we do is they still have the license for them from dirt 3 (fiesta RS 2011 WRC livery is evidence of this) 
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