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Offer from a top team

Hey guys, kinda new to all this.My question is, is it possible to get an offer from a top team ( Ferrari/Mercedes/Red Bull), while you're in a bottom team? (McLaren/Sauber) . Thank you in advance.

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  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
    edited October 2017
    It very much depends on you.

    Meaning the better you do, the quicker you do it, the more the likelihood of an offer.

    In my experience Red Bull is often the biggest of the top teams to offer a drive and if you can show done promise they often end up very interested.

    I guess it also depends on what difficulty you play at.

    If you are on the most difficult setting (110) then I suspect you are going to need at least 2 or 3 seasons of commitment if you use a McLaren or Sauber before you even get near a podium or race win..

    You'll need to achieve every practice and qualifying goal so you can get as many credits as possible to spend on development.

    Even then it'll be a slow and frustrating experience for at least 2 seasons and I'd suggest at least 3, with you doing well in season 3, to get an offer from a team like Red Bull.

    However, by that point you've spent 3 seasons upgrading the car and if you did leave for a top team then that's all been for nothing, and development wise, while nowhere near as far behind and starting from a better baseline, you are back to square one.

    My advice is start somewhere a little further forward.

    I picked Williams for my career and I've been able to get a few podiums and some good points, but have also been struggling at high speed circuits and so I need development to progress, though obviously not as much as if I had started in a McLaren.

    Why not pick a Renault?

    Or maybe the Torro Rosso, or the Williams?

    Ultimately, if you decide to pick anyone but the top 3 (Merc, Ferrari, Red Bull) you probably need to commit to them long term as it's pointless developing the car over multiple seasons only to leave.

    Sorry if I rambled on.

    Let me know what you decide to do.

    P.S I don't know if the difficulty makes it any harder.
    What I mean is I don't know if it's any easier with a McLaren on 30 as it is on 110.
    You would think 110 would be harder, but then the car is either slow or it isn't...if you see my point?
    (Difficulty level goes from 0 [very easy] to 110 [Legendary]) just in case you didn't know that yet.
    I'd say anything between 30 and 55 is good if you haven't played before but have some knowledge of racing games and the basics of car control etc...
  • MetRBRMetRBR Member New Car Smell
    Congratulations, what where your results with Sauber in Season 1? I tried very hard with Sauber, but my best was 8th place, i finished 17th in the championship and got no offers.. 
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