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Abbreviation not on most cars in Career Mode (Xbox One)

I don't understand why in the Xbox One version of F1 2017, Codemasters had yet to put my driver's abbreviation at the side of the cars that don't use the racing number on the sharkfin cover. Sauber, McLaren, Haas... basically every team except Mercedes (but there is a similar problem with the flag not being on the sharkfin like the ones on Hamilton and Bottas' cars), Ferrari and Red Bull. If the abbreviation is not on the car, then what's the point of even having them in the game?

I hope that there would be a patch 1.11 or at least do it for next year's game that fixes this issue. It's the little attention to detail, alongside career mode and the invitational events, that made the game worth to buy.


  • mceci1mceci1 Member Pit Crew
    Legal restrictions in the contract prevent it, the only change to the livery can be number as far as I am aware and any personal sponsors the driver you replace
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