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A RUSH of blood to the head – my first day ON the job | Codemasters Blog

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imageA RUSH of blood to the head – my first day ON the job | Codemasters Blog

Hello you! I’m Aaron, the new Social Media Manager for ONRUSH. I will be updating you all in every conceivable way about ONRUSH. On forums, blogs, social media, I’ll even come to your front door every morning to update you on what’s going on, as long as tea is provided.

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  • lastbreathlastbreath Member New Car Smell
    What a story )
    Will we get gameplay video in nearest future?
    Can't wait!
  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Pit Crew
    This game looks like a lot of fun. Its like Motorstorm on steroids and it looks amazing! The one thing that I really want is Split-Screen.
    I love racing. Going for the perfectly clean, well executed overtake is the best feeling. If I have to though, I might move you out of my way (no hard feelings).
    DiRT 4 Club: https://www.dirt4game.com/clubs/club/60578/team-colin-mcrae
  • FGrasFGras Member New Car Smell
    Aha, so you are that punk who took the job that I wanted.
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