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BOTs performance in Q2/3 and length of Q in multiplayer

Hi, 2 things I want to discuss.
1. Lap times of AI in career doesn't improve between Q2 and Q3. In real life drivers do not make their fastest laps in Q2 because they want to save those tyres as much as they can before tomorrow's race. In Q3 they have special set of tyres dedicated for Q3 so that's the time when they have to go flatout to achieve better starting position in race.
2. On most lobbies there aren't many drivers, there are many lobbies and sometimes there is one wnich is "full 20/20". The biggest problem is in leagues. Most of the time we have full grid and in my feel short quali is too "short". In those 12 minutes, 20 drivers on track is too much, there is rarely free space and there is almost no time to do 2 quali laps. I suggest there should be an option to choose how long should be short quali (sounds funny :smiley: ) Like in real life:
2-10 drivers = 12 min
11-15 drivers = 15 min
16-20 drivers = 17 min
I know that most of league racers already used to make it in those 12 minutes but option to change it would make them more calm, they wouldn't worry that they'll have no time to make 2nd quali lap

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