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New league on XB1 looking for drivers

JackRudd00JackRudd00 Member New Car Smell
VF1 is looking for some drivers for its 1st season on the F1 2017. The races will be on Thursday at 7pm UK time. The first season will consist of 15 races in a custom calendar format. If anyone is interested DM @vf1racing on twitter or message VRT Ruddsters on Xbox!


  • FelineKitty6550FelineKitty6550 Member New Car Smell
    What time zone  and  what day will race race be on
  • bertjesssbertjesss Member New Car Smell
    hi, i would like to join,cann you add me, buysseken . thanks
  • LUXRacerLUXRacer Member New Car Smell
    @JackRudd00I don't know if you'd be interested, but i've built a site for virtual petrolheads like us, where you'd be able to create a club with it's own private or public calendar, discussion, blog etc.

    Maybe you'd be interested in havign a look, see if it could cover your needs and especially let me know what else you'd want it to do?

    I don't know if i can post links in here, but let me know, and i could send you a PM, DM or whatever it's called here :)
  • StevenPinnockStevenPinnock Member New Car Smell
    Hi can I join please if so can you add me BURGERMAN76
  • BattenbergerBattenberger Member New Car Smell
    If you still need people I’m interested. Please add me:
  • hotCHy78hotCHy78 Member New Car Smell
    Are there still places available is so please can I join my xbox name is the same 
  • conrod500conrod500 Member New Car Smell
    If there is still places add me @farcrycm

  • CHobbzyCHobbzy Member New Car Smell
    Are there still places? I applied through the google document thing but haven't heard anything back: XtremeC2000
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