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F1 2017 Career crashes

I was playing career mode (before 1.10) and I got a invitational event. Having a custom helmet, you have to change helmets to a regular one, because the game will crash otherwise. So I exited career mode, and the game crashed. Then it started downloading 1.10. After 1.10, I can't get to my career mode (I verified the game cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game), but I can access everything else (TT, Championships etc.)
Does anyone know how to fix this, or will I have to wait for 1.11? 


  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    Hello @karlisstyle, sorry for the delay replying. Thank you for the crash dump that you sent me. It looks like the game is running out of video memory trying to decompress a texture in that one instance. You should try lowering your resolution and graphics settings to see if that helps. Let me know.
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