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suggestion: sometimes I don't notice the stage finished loading

There should be some audio cue (or stronger visual cue) when the stage has finished loading, I kind of space out in the 10 seconds it takes to load and end up waiting when it's already loaded.


  • CTR69CTR69 Member New Car Smell
    The stage should open as soon as loading is complete. It's like that "press start to continue" console BS, which does not belong in a PC game.
  • acmilangracmilangr Member New Car Smell
    i agree with both.
  • chillisteakchillisteak Member Unleaded
    I agree!
    Although it's not really a big issue, I do think it would make sense to either auto load the next stage or at the very least have a better visual/audio cue.
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  • RoughRider608RoughRider608 Member New Car Smell
    I find myself having this very same  problem.  This shouldn't be hard to fix either. 
  • DabScienceDabScience Member New Car Smell

    The first few days this was annoying the **** out of me. Guess I'm just used to it now, but without a doubt it needs to change!

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