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Xbox - Dirt Rally can't access leagues

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.

When I try to access leagues in Dirt Rally I can't access and get the message

"Your Xbox live profile does not have the privileges required to share activity on social networks"

I have a gold subscription and can access daily/weekly events. 


  • LariosoDogLariosoDog Member New Car Smell
    Is it a payed subscription - what I read is that the included codes with consoles etc is not quite full membership or similar.

    But there are hiddeous amount of settings what priviledges your account is set for.
    I would have a look there.

    Otherwise is sounds dead wrong and a bug of some sort.
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  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Petrol Head
    On your Xbox One Home, go to Settings - Account - Privacy & Online Safety - View Details & Customise - Sharing outside of Xbox Live
    There will be an option for "You can share outside of Xbox Live".  This needs to be set to Allow.

    RaceNet is classed as a social network and we must abide by this privacy restriction.
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