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p-blond, CR250Bob, Sir. Smoke the villains of the game

these three gentlemen, do not really love Italians, whenever I or some of my friends throw it out, please recall these three smarts.
It's true p-blond is not nice and when I can destroy it every time, it's too feminine. But if he tries to get along with his friends, everything is resolved.
--------------- Italiano
questi tre coglioni, non amano molto gli italiani, ogni volta che entro anche insieme a qualche amico ci buttano fuori dalle gare online, possibilmente se potreste richiamare questi tre coglioni.
è vero p-blond non mi è simpatico e quando posso lo distruggo ogni volta, è troppo femminuccia. Ma se la semtte di provocare insieme ai suoi amici, tutto si risolve.


  • DoubleTenDoubleTen Member New Car Smell
    Totally agree, these three f*****s are the main reason why i left GRID Autosport after 300 hours.
    And now i know i'm not the only one. in DiRT 4 they're doing the same thing.
  • SirSmokeSirSmoke Member New Car Smell
    edited November 23
    Don't be ridiculous. I am not a villain in this game, if anything I strive to be the exact opposite.
    Example - I do not stay infront when the overtake involved even slight contact, I let the racer past again.
    Now lets talk about the other drivers you mentioned. I do not agree that either of them have been behaving in an inapproritate way. There might have been rare instances with Bob, but never with the frenchman p-blond, he has always been clean and fair.

    Now on the other hand, some italians have gotten the reputation of being cheaters in this game. Example -

    And I have not played DiRT 4.

  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    Yeah i deleted Maryna and his italian friend Rostel from my friends list because all were saying that they are cheaters..
    Sir Smoke we have met some times in GAS but i dont play anymore as GAS got a problem on steam (missing files or so) and i am playing Forza motorsport 7 , PCars 2 and Dirt 4 .. I am done with the my lovely GAS i think
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