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Looking for a League on PS4 on Sunday with Assist.

Hi Everbody I am looking for a League on Sunday with Assist 

Sunday Evening would be great. 


  • KirstySaysKirstySays Member New Car Smell
    Hey there, 
    I'm kind of looking for something similar as well. I'm in UK if that helps you out any! 
  • Craig8728Craig8728 Member New Car Smell
    Although we don't offer any Sunday Leagues currently we do offer a Realistic Performance League on Tuesday evening and two Equal Peroformance Leagues on Wednesday Evening at 8pm UK....all assists permitted and all abilities welcome.


  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    If you guys don't mind saturday nights (depending if you're overseas from NZ's timezone) or if you're in that time zone and don't mind it being Sunday morning, then the TTC could be up your alley, join now and you might be able to be bypassed the waiting list and into a seat faster than you know it!
    Trans-Nation Formula 1 World Championship head chairman and operator. 
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    Join today!
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