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Will SC be fixed for 100% distance racing?

gonk721gonk721 Member New Car Smell
100% and 50% Distance
Short Qualifying
Strict Corner Cutting
Simulation Damage
Full Rules and Regulations
20 Online Racers
2 Spectators

I do league racing of 100% racing with 19 other online drivers. We have done 4 races now and no SC whatsoever. Without a SC, the game is as boring as **** as everyone is separated and no battling going on. This is even after patch 1.10. It don't even come out on any distance online. Have given up on it for time being as game is **** for online racing, you can't even do online championship mode without tyre bug and no SC.........

Will the SC ever be fixed to do what it is supposed to do, come out when people crash out on racing line, or major debris on track, and allow lapped cars to overtake?

Please, we need this game more enjoyable, how can you even do esports with the game as it is, it is absolutely pointless.

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  • lucsus1989lucsus1989 Member Unleaded
    our league has the exact same issue. SC never comes out.. yesterday we had a league race in russia and 3 cars crashed at the first straight and was after the crash standing in the middle of the track and no safety car this is 100% race on PS4.. any info codemasters? 
  • Dez0808Dez0808 Member Pit Crew
    Out of interest do you guys have any ai cars on track? Thinking it's only ai cars that can Tigger SF
  • gonk721gonk721 Member New Car Smell
    I put this thread into the technical issues forum and i got a response............
    They will not be changing the frequency of safety car and would like me to not use foul language although they accept i'm a little annoyed, the thread has now been closed.........

    So unfortunately i don't see no point in doing league races off 100% without a SC.
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