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F1 2017: World Record Spain + SETUP

I hope you enjoy! 


  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
    edited November 2017
    Magic lap.

    How does having the steering geometry all the way to the left on all 4 help with your set up?

    I've seen other set up videos saying you should have them more to the middle, yet you have a world record.

    I tend to have the front and rear camber a little to the left, towards minimum, and the front and rear toe both off to the right more towards maximum, though neither are full across.

    Other than that my set up isn't too dissimilar to yours. 

    I do find my car reasonably well balanced but one thing I struggle with is very tight corners.

    Especially the penultimate corner in China, the very tight hairpin, and the hairpin in Canada before the back straight, and also some very tight chicanes like the bus stop in Spa.

    Any advice on getting the car to change direction quicker with no washing out into oversteer?

  • FACT0RYPIL0TFACT0RYPIL0T Member Unleaded
    Controller obviously on this video as you see the shake with the built in steering assist
  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    I think given I did a 1.18.7 with default I think I could beat this in the ferrari with that setup, will confirm another day lol
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  • DaniBereznayDaniBereznay Member Unleaded
     I play with wheel!!! 

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  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
    edited November 2017
    I won't bother asking you for advice in future, Dani.
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