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F1 2017 Williams Gearbox Wear Bug

I have notice in Career mode while racing for Williams Every time I start the Race in career mode , I suddently get 5-8% gearbox wear optop of the one previus staated before i start the race.
The quick fix is that i have to restart the race to get it to the correct wear

Anyone else have this issue?


  • ThunderCats101ThunderCats101 Member Wheel Nut
    edited November 2017
    Yes. It also affecting default race stratedgy. Was going to post this with video as evidence but havent had the time. Not just Williams. I am with Sauber so I assume every team
  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    Hello @BladewolfACC and @ThunderCats101 could one of you post a video of this please? We've had a look and not seen any issue.
  • ThunderCats101ThunderCats101 Member Wheel Nut
    Hi @F1Support sorry for the delay. Ill get round to it today and ill post here again with a link.
  • ThunderCats101ThunderCats101 Member Wheel Nut
    edited November 2017
    @F1Support Update: here is the video 

    In this case it was only a 2% jump from 43% to 45% on the gearbox but previously in Monaco had a jump of 6%. In terms of the race strategy seems to be the total time that is changed. 
  • Burba7Burba7 Member Unleaded
    I have the same issue with Ferrari in 50% races. The gear box wear seems to increase by roughly 6% between qualifying and the race. I have all of the gearbox wear updates as well and my gearboxes are still ending up at 80% after 6 races - I reckon I good 25%-30% is from this bug unfortunaetely. I don't do the warm up lap so maybe that has an impact perhaps and is where this wear comes from (although this shouldn't cause 6% wear)?
  • Burba7Burba7 Member Unleaded
    So having tested this further the extra wear only seems to appear if you do not do the formation lap. If you skip the formation lap you will get hit with 4-6% gearbox wear for no reason. However, if you drive the formation lap yourself you should have the same wear as at the end of qualifying. It's a little bit of a pain but at least there's an effective workaround!
  • flipchip73flipchip73 Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2017

    I do not do formation lap. I would follow @ThunderCats 101 's way of checking my gearbox wear before the race and restart the race if the gearbox wear is incorrect. I usually get around 3% more wear for every race in full distance career for Scuderia Ferrari.

    My gearbox wear per weekend (FP1 to FP3, Q1 to Q3 and race) is about 12% to 14%.

    If I have forgotten to check for 6 races, I would have lost extra 18% of gearbox wear from this bug.

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