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Tips on start with controller on F12017?

Does anyone have some good tips with the start? I'm using a Xbox One S controller and I'm always struggling for grip at the start and I'm having a lot of trouble keeping the RPM within the ideal window. I'm sure a lot of it is just getting better by practice but there's no real way to practice your starts I think, and restarting the session over and over just for the sake of practicing my starts is not really ideal.


  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Pit Crew
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    I don't bother much with revving the engine while the lights are going on.

    I simply wait till the last light goes on and then as they all go out I release the clutch and immediately hit the gas, in a synchronised double tap, and then as I get into 3rd gear I go up into rich mix till the exit of turn one, or wherever you want, depending on your personal preference.

    I just find it helps, a bit like the way KERS used to be used, particularly by Alonso when he was at Ferrari, at the start of a race to blast past cars that didn't do the same...and at times it was very effective for Alonso.

    You could also practice starts in Time Trial.

    While you obviously won't get to use the clutch you can still practice the action of hitting (is it B on Xbox?) the clutch button and simultaneously hitting the gas.

    You can stop anywhere on any track, perhaps on the exit of the last turn at Monza as it leads into a nice long straight, same with Baku, or China, and just practice moving from a standing start.

    Hope that might offer some ideas?
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  • KaoznaKaozna Member New Car Smell
    Stupid question perhaps but do you hit the gas full throttle once you let go of the clutch? I would assume that that would generate a lot of wheel spin. So is it just a matter of practice until you find the right amount of throttle to apply or am I missing some obvious "trick" to prevent wheel spin? 
  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Pit Crew
    edited November 14
    Yes, it's definitely a case of finding that sweet spot so you can use as much gas as possible without bogging down. 

    I used to just go into Spa or Monza, somewhere with lots of decent straights, and practice hitting the clutch button and then the gas as smoothly and quickly as possible.

    Obviously the clutch isn't actually working, as it's only for the starts isn't it?

    But it'll give you some practice getting the timing, the coordination right, and aid muscle memory etc...

    It's annoying because you can't actually use the rewind function to practice starts as it only has the "exit" option doesn't it, until you pull away a predetermined distance from the grid, then it changes to "rewind/flashback".

    Something you could also try, though I don't know if it's actually possible, or if you would want to, is to put traction control on until you get moving and into 3th or 4th gear and then pause and switch it back to medium or off.
    (I'm assuming you don't use full as you said you suffer quite significant wheel spin which isn't really an issue with full TC).

    I'm pretty sure it is simply a case of going into the assists menu.

    Of course, if you find this just doesn't feel right or you find a better way, that's fine...please let me know how you get on regardless. 

    P.S thinking about switching between full, medium or off in regards traction control, it would be so much better if we could map that to a controller, don't you think?

    It's just like the drivers wheel having switches and buttons to adjust brake bias, fuel mix (rich etc...), DRS and the like. 

    You could have full TC at the start and then switch to medium of off, and use it in certain corners to aid your grip and then turn it off when it suits the car better to not have it overriding your inputs.

    The controller is pretty crowded but there must a way.

    On ps4 there are sevsral options.

    The d-pad isn't totally used up, neither is the large track/touch pad in the centre of the controller...what about the Xbox One pad?
  • path1337path1337 Member New Car Smell
    My way to start well is to push the gas at 50/60% till the lights go out. Then, when they go out, try slowly applicate more more throttle + shortshifting. Also, correct the understeer if necessary.

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