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Multiplayer Issues: "Kicked for Cheating" and Crashing to Desktop and my "workaround"

cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
@F1Support ; in response to your request from post http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/314919#Comment_314919

v1.10 - New Driver, fresh career.
Changed Helmet colours (In game - No Mods, I'll explaine why this is here later)
Helmet in Row 3 Column 3 (Purple, Green, White) Changed Purple to Orange, Green to Black.
Flashbacks off, No Career mid-session saves
McClaren with Alonso as Team mate.

Two issues that have the same workaround that fixed both for me.

"Kicked for Cheating"
New Driver, changed colour of helmet in game.
After my 1st career race in Australia I tried to do some online racing for practice for an upcoming league race but every race I tried to join it and tried to create my own custom lobby I was met with the "Kicked for Cheating" issue.  I verified the game files (no issues), rebooted, performed a system clean, cleared the download cache from steam. 

None of these fixed it so I created a New Driver (sorry but I deleted the career save of the previous one).

This worked and I could race online again.

The only things I did different from my other races before this one and noticed was:
I restarted the race a few times from the options menu
I also quit to the main menu once from the options menu without doing a mid-session save then restarted the race 30 minutes later
When I finished the race the cut scene where the driver puts the steering wheel back in the car I notices that my crash helmet colours were missing, (Where it was supposed to be orange was just metallic silver).

Crashing to Desktop
New driver, same helmet and colour design as above.
Two days after the above issue and with a new driver I had completed Australia and China, apart from a couple of restarts from the option menu during some sessions I did not notice anything unusual (crash helmet) or anything I had not done before.
This time however when it came to the multiplayer lobby I could join a session, I could spectate a race but when I came to the point where I was an "active driver" before the lobby showed or whilst I was in the lobby waiting and it was about make me an "active driver" (where I could vote and ready up) the game just closed to the desktop.  No crash dump, no error message, no event log entry, it just closed.  I tried this about 8 times with the same result every time.

Remembering the Helmet issue from above, when the game loaded up I went to the manage driver menu and edited my active driver. 
I went to the helmets and set them all to default colours (F1: reset to defaults), I then selected a new helmet and kept the colours default.

I then went to Multiplayer and it worked, straight in to a public lobby race with no issues.

I don't know if the custom colour helmet is causing both issues or they are separate issues or just performing the save option on the driver cleared the issue but what I do know is that I am now using a dedicated driver (new driver, no career progression, default helmet and colour) for online and I have had many sessions since without issues.  I also have two other career modes (with default helmets) I am now progressing offline.
(note: I can and have changed the colours of the helmet and race online however I have decided to keep it default just in case).

Hope this helps,
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