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[Potential bug?] Rich-mix-only in the pit zone

mantazzomantazzo Member, Drivers Pit Crew
I wasn't originally planning to get this as a bug report, since I didn't know if it was true, but decided to post anyway, maybe it actually is, although not a crucial one.

The potential bug has happened quite some time ago, I think it was patch 1.7 or 1.9, but I was slightly confused even before these patches. PC version.
After I completed practice programme I was coming back to the pits, and if I recall correctly, I was in a Lean fuel mix. While already driving in the pits, Jeff told me Lean fuel mix is unavailable, but, to my confusion, it switched... to Rich fuel mix. Not Normal fuel mix, as it was supposed to.
I felt that was a bit confusing, but I noticed a strange trend - while in pits (in the race) your fuel level always go down a certain number (and engine temp rises sharply), even if you're in "Lean" mix. I assume if you're in Lean mix you shouldn't be losing fuel in the pits... And also I feel like engine should stay at pretty much the same temperatures, and not increase sharply... Then start dropping again after exiting pits...

So, I say there's a potential bug of "Always-Rich-Mix" in pits. It's not game-breaking, but maybe someone else noticed the same trend. I agree, cars tend to heat up more with slow speeds, but if I had my engine in about 90-100 degrees range, and while in pits it rose to 110-120... I feel like something might be wrong there. It could also be just me.

EDIT: Had a go at quick race, mixes seems to work fine... I can still remember in Career Mode in some tracks it could eat like 0.1 laps worth of fuel more in the pits in the race... Maybe it was just something glitchy, I don't know.
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