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Multiplayer - Low framerate during Qualifying / Race

F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
Hi, I've seen a number of reports now about low framerate during qualifying with large numbers of players. I've not looked at this yet, but it's on my to do list. I've seen Lopensky mention it in another thread and reports via social media. If you have seen this can you tell me about your session please. Which platform were you on, how many players were there, did you do practice first, did people join while others were in practice. Anything you can think of that will help me find the problem will be very helpful.

The more information I have the more likely I can get to the root cause of the issue.


  • bastek2504bastek2504 Member Unleaded
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    We had a league race on sunday. (xbox one)
    16 people  short quali 50% race. (china)
    Massive framerate drops in quali but only in your hotlap. On your outlap there are no framedrops at all.
    In the race we had framedrops, too. I need to say framedrops only appear on the normal xbox one, the xbox one X users had no problems with the framerate. I think the game has too much infromation for the normal xbox one and the console cant handle it. From my experience the framedrops start in a lobby from 13-14+ players.

  • 7thGearRL7thGearRL Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    @F1Support It seems to occur whenever the lobby has a substantial size of people -- so any league races, the frame rate is lower. Spain seems to be the worst for this, I had an AOR league race on Sunday and it was undrivable. It was a new session with 19 people in and two spectators. I did a race around Hungary on Monday, again a new session with just short quali and 50%, 19 drivers and two spectators, the frame rate lowered slightly but it wasn't as bad as Hungary.

    Spain seems to be the worst every time but it is a common issue. 

    Similarly with the delta disappearing (which is caused by someone leaving and rejoining the quali session)
  • TonyRacingSocksTonyRacingSocks Member New Car Smell
    We had a race at Hungary on Sunday evening with 20 drivers and the quali frame-rate dropped a few times during this.  Spain was also really bad earlier in the season and we had a really bad spike at Silverstone last week where the race dropped so much it was like racing in slo-mo.

    PS4 / 50% race / Short-quali / Expert AI / No spectators
  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
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    Just had a online public session, all was going well, a couple of races with between 5-8 people then the next race the lobby filled to 12 people the connection status of everyone lowered and the start of qualifying suddenly had major fps loss which stayed for the next race too so I quit and joined another lobby and all was well again.

    I did notice that if I went to the pause menu the fps jumped back to normal but back in the race it dropped again.

    Nothing obvious was wrong from my end.

    Public online lobby

    5 racers Austria fine
    8 racers Spa fine
    12 racers Australia fps loss
    15 racers Bacu fps loss

    All had one-shot quali
    All were modern cars

    New lobby had 7 people
  • Stuart949Stuart949 Member Wheel Nut
    Anything between 16-22 man lobbies every week on AOR, 2 commentators. We are on Xbox. No practice. 

    The issue is mainly in qualifying but can also be bad in the race for some drivers, however everyone experiences it in qualy. It was the same on 2016 and I can't remember a phase where we haven't had good fps in qualifying since. When we do sessions every week to practice (just short qualy and 50%, mirror to AOR settings) we never experience such big frame issues in qualifying. That however is only with about 4 people max in the lobby so I'd put money on the issue being due to lobby size. We actually found ourselves in a 12 or 13 man lobby for practice last week and there was no fps issues at all. So I really think it starts to just get poor as we get into the late teens.

    And btw, I don't know if you know and I know this is off topic, but desync/car positioning accuracy for everyone's screen is very poor atm online.
  • GpClubGpClub Member, Drivers Unleaded
    I noted a drop in framerate on PS4 in online session with 2 players in Spain (turn 3 especially). I hope I was helpful.
    This is my Ps4 online league site: http://gpclub.forumfree.it/
  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
    edited November 2017
    Public Lobby
    20 Drivers
    One-Shot Quali, 5 lap race
    1 driver left and 1 driver joined during loading to Quali from the Lobby.

    Instant quali started the problem started. If you press escape to call the menu everything goes smooth but the problem starts again when you rejoin the race.

    Only thing I noticed was before the race all the players in the Lobby dropped to red at the same time for a couple of seconds then went back to normal (mine went back to 4 bars green).  This was the same in my previous comment.

    Here is my video which captured what the Multiplayer was like vs what it was like in Time Trial taken about 10 minutes later.
    I can confirm that I had 60FPS throughout both recordings.

    I tried:
    VSync On and Off
    RRTS (RivaTuner) 60Fps, 61FPS and Off
    Anti Aliasing TAA and Off

    all had no effect.

    Here was my internet connection to various servers straight after the race. (Note the server locations)

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  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
    Public Lobby
    Almost Every race and every lobby
    Various Qualifying types
    Various car types
    Various tracks (Monaco was the worst)


    Seven key observations:
    1: Although the problem looks like poor FPS through all my testing I have found it to be stable at 60FPS (see one of my previous comments)

    2: If I drive straight (no force on the wheel) the game becomes "smoother", in corners or if I weave on a straight the problem increases (Abu Dhabi showed this the best for me)

    3: Before each race as the lobby goes to vote for the next track all drivers go to "Red Bar" on the connection, each session has had a limited Bandwidth warning, The drivers connections status ranges from "Red Bar" to "5 full Green Bars"

    4: One race in Brazil, 14 started the race and it had the problem, three left and the race became smoother, As people joined and left during the race (there were several) there was a perfect correlation between the problem and the number of people (11 and under "smoother" - I say smoother but was not as good as offline)

    5: One Quali and Race in Hungary.  In one-shot quali there were 15 drivers and there was the problem, between the quali and race start 4 drivers left and no one joined, the race was smooth.

    6: My league race last Monday (13th November) did not show this problem - 14 racers, Bahrain 50%, Short Quali, All racers based in Europe and have a <100ms ping to the Frankfurt servers on Speedtest.net, all except one racer had at least a "4 green bar" connection, the one was between "1 red and 3 orange".  I have another league race this Monday (20th November)

    7: I did not notice this problem before this week (13th November) however my online racing between the release of patch 1.10 and this week has been limited.

    In addition to my other comments above I have tested the following one by one but non have resolved this:
    Ensured no other devices were using my bandwidth.
    Tested my network to servers around the world (I am always on a wired connection direct to the router)
    Tested other racing games (These ran fine)
    Reset my router to factory settings (UPnP active, for PC I could not find required port opening/forwarding information)
    Cleared out my Windows 10 Firewall rules
    Tried older graphics drivers
    Created a new driver
    Deleted my Hardware settings so the game would regenerate new ones
    Cleared the games userdata including what was stored on the Steam Cloud (this reset everything)
    Performed a full system virus check
    Checked command "netstat -abno" (nothing out of the ordinary).

  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
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    Public Lobby
    20 Drivers
    5 lap race, No Quali
    I selected "Mute All"

    1 driver was "1 Red Bar", 2 drivers were "3 Orange Bars", 17 were between "4 and 5 Green Bars".  Connections were very consistent in the lobby.

    I had the bandwidth warning before the race.

    none joined, none left.  Problem still there.
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  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded

    Just noticed that my build ID has gone up to 2255923 from 2251883 but I am sure I looked at this number last week before validating files in steam and it was the old number.

    I noticed on steamDB this changed on the server on 3rd November but I am sure mine was still 2251883 at the end of last week/beginning of this before I validated files.

    I could be wrong and I do not have any knowledge how the build ID's work outside of Patch updates but it is just a thought.
  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
    edited November 2017
    Windows 10 Home - 64bit build 16299.64
    Headset - Sennheiser SC30 USB ML with microphone - up to date driver
    Realtek  ALC1150 - driver R2.82
    Nvidia Audio - driver suite 388.31 

    Fixed it (on my rig at least) - It is my USB headset.

    The question is now - If other PC, Playstation and XBox users disconnect the microphone and/or prevent the audio coming out of the controller/headset does this fix it for them.

    Since this problem began - when it is plugged in I get large multiplayer visual stutter as shown in my youtube video from the comment on November 18th, when it is not plugged in there is a bit of a stutter on some corners (mainly tight hairpins) but most of the time it is smooth.

    On Monday I had a league race  - (16 racers, Russia 50%, short Quali, All racers showing at least 4 green bars, I also know all racers "ping" to Frankfurt servers are <100ms).
    I did not get the bandwidth audio warning.  There was "little to medium" visual stutter but I was able to race.
    Straight after I went on to several public servers, all had 16+ people - all with "heavy" visual stutter.
    Today I went on to a public session with 6 drivers - "little" visual stutter.
    The server filled to 15 people, the next race had "medium" stutter. - I had no bandwidth audio warning.

    As I do not use multiplayer talk (only use the mic. to speak to my mate Jeff), I unplugged it, I have since been on several public servers and I would describe them as follows:
    Less than 15 people - "almost no" visual stutter
    15-22 - "little" visual stutter, sometimes "medium".

    I tried a combination of Nvidia and Realtek being on and off and both off but it is always the headset that is causing it.

    Please note:
    This issue only happens in Multiplayer.
    The headset was working very well itself and I could use it in the game.
    I am fully aware it could be poor drivers/headset that is causing this issue for me, however it worked very well for me before last week.

    Hope this helps.
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  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
    Been racing all night, so smooth without headset and microphone.
  • LopenskyLopensky Member Unleaded
    We host races on PS4, with different lobby sizes.
    Almost always we have some spectators in the lobby (3 or 4 usually), but none of the spectators suffer of any loss in terms of framerate even when players have big problems with that.

    Our experience led me to say that the problem occurs when there are 16+ cars on the track.
    Every additional car exceeding this number causes big troubles, expecially to "old" PS4 possessors. Who have a "new" PS4 or a PS4-Pro seems to suffer less of this problem.

    The worst loss of framerate happens during qualifying session, but even at race start (when all cars are near) there are problems.
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  • ChromaticChromatic Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    Playing online in general with grid sizes above 10 on the xbox one massive frame rate drops on modern and classic cars. Especially Abu dhaubi disconnections on a regular basis I have some footage of this I'II post this as soon as I can find time tomorrow

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