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Delta time glitch

XalmoxesXalmoxes Member New Car Smell
Hey guys, just a quick question to see if anyone else is experiencing this.
This is the first time that I had this bug on F1 2017. Don't know if it has anything to do with the new patch. I no longer get the "falling too far back" safety car bug, except that as soon as I pass the safety car (as the game tells me to do it), I get 33-35 seconds negative delta. It doesn't matter if I let the SC overtake me again. If I stop so the delta can get back up (useless anyway, because you are allowed 15 seconds to get positive delta), the cars behind will pass me with no regard for delta time... Not to mention that sometimes I'm not allowed to overtake lapped cars behind the SC. Everyone get stuck behind the SC regardless of how many laps they are behind.
This happened on my old save, as well as on a new career. I'm doing 100% races. Anyone else had this happen to them?

On another note, I'm glad to see that Raikonen is more OP than ever. Starts 6th and laps 18 cars before half the Australian GP.


  • kevinkirkkevinkirk Member Team Principal
    edited November 2017
    Ok, one more time. there is no safety car bug. The game doesnt tell you instantly the very moment you become out of your delta you should be keeping. Thats because it gives you a window providing a chance to slow down or spend up yourself without the game telling you to. Now, The moment that pops up on screen telling you your to slow or fast, The more you are out of your delta at that moment, the longer you will need to slow down to get back to the delta you were suppose to be.....If that "longer"  overlaps the cars behinds delta, they will pass you...... The reason that happens in the slowing moments is because if that AI behind you would slow down allowing you get back were you was. Then he will drop below his delta, the car behind him will drop below his delta waiting for him to get back in his delta, The car behind him will drop below his delta waiting for that car to get back to their delta, and that will continue all the way down the grid behind you,Thus resulting in a big mess of the cars behind you falling back instead of catching up to the safety car..  It works like that wether your slow and fallen to far behind or if you need to slow down from being to far ahead of your delta. Since F1 doesnt let drivers retake their place as we seen with bottas in that race he spun warming his tires, then the game isnt going to let you retake your place either.
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  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
    edited November 2017
    Sorry, but there is a bug involving virtual and full safety car in that it doesn't act the way it is supposed to.
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