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Threads being closed

Several threads about frustrating issues, that are not being addressed, at least as far as we know, are now being closed. @F1support is stating that these threads are time consuming and therefore closed. Stating that @F1support is losing time going to the threads is only a solid argument if there would have been a response concerning the issue and not after weeks of radio silence. The MAIN reason these threads re-appear is the fact that CM isn't communicating. That fact is becoming stronger than the issues we are debating about. Now that things are getting nasty we get these **** arguments.

It's quite easy; there is an issue, you address the issue and give us feedback, if possible with a timeline. If it will not be fixed for whatever reason, give us feedback. You cannot please us all. No is also an answer. Most here will understand. But don't dig in and hope we go away. We won't, but definitly think about it.

If you use ABS or Traction Control, you are no longer a racing driver.


If I get a few more questions about my driving style I think I headbutt someone.

Max Verstappen


  • KevRusskiKevRusski Member Pit Crew
    Be nice.......say nice things about the game that don't expect a response, and don't go on about bugs.  Follow that and your thread should stay open.......
  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    Thread closed, I don't need this hassle of this descending in to a flame thread and the time sink of reading it. Sorry.
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