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Grid Autosport?

RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
edited November 2017 in Mobile Games
Just wondering if there is any news on the much anticipated Grid game coming to mobile and tablet?

Will there be a demo?

As it is going to be a premium title (at least that's what I heard), wouldn't a demo be good for everyone, so we can try before we buy and to give those unable to buy the game at small taste?

As an Android user I hope it isn't going to be the typical situation where Apple users get it months in advance, at a cheaper price no doubt?

I must say if it does have the Indy car/f1/single seater cars in the game I'm very tempted.

Lastly, please get the control scheme right.

F1 2016 is a mess in terms of its control scheme.

The tilt system is bad and the touch is, frankly, embarrassing.

It is essential, important more than almost anything else, to get that right.

That, and a good frame rate.

If you are in any doubt go and play Real Racing 3.

It is the best by miles.

The tilt is very usable and the touch is excellent.



  • Prezes2607Prezes2607 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2018
    Last valuable post: November 2017.
    This post: 25 July 2018.
    When Grid Autosport will be available on Android?
    Hello, we are still here! - android users.
  • ziair20ziair20 Member New Car Smell
    helllo still here and there is no any news 
    should we wait more again 
    :/ reagards, 
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