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DynamicRacingSeries (DRS) searching for members

Lakitu886Lakitu886 Member New Car Smell
hey guys we from DRS (DynamicRacingSeries) are searching members. •we race Wednesday evenings at 7:30.
•50% race
•short qualy
•dynamic weather
•strict corner cut rules
•all asissts allowed except braking and pit assist
•we want clean racing, stewards will look into incidents after the race
•we have official standings that will be posted in the league chats on PSN and Facebook, as well as a Fastest Lap Award and team mate battles.
•be warned if you are too slow you won't have much fun here. 

If you are interested add me on PSN and send me a message (PSN: Lakitu886)
looking forward to applications, Lakitu886


  • AdrianNagingtonAdrianNagington Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2017
    Yes im interested in joining a wednesday nite league, however my availability will change week to week due to shift work
  • Lakitu886Lakitu886 Member New Car Smell
    you could be a reserve then. are you interested in racing today? give me your psn and if possible Facebook :)
  • Lakitu886Lakitu886 Member New Car Smell
    by the way we have enough space for a reserve every race so dont worry 
  • FelineKitty6550FelineKitty6550 Member New Car Smell
    Hi, what platform are you racing? Xbox? If so I am interested in joining
  • GoryAxis5370082GoryAxis5370082 Member New Car Smell
    I am also intrested in joining, if there are still places available.
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