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PS4 Pad calibration

MusicalVenomMusicalVenom Member Unleaded
edited November 2017 in F1 Games - Setups
Noticed these settings in the menus with steering/brakes etc

Do people change anything with these settings? Is there an advantage to be gained for the Pad responsiveness?


  • KrisperfectlineKrisperfectline Member Unleaded
    I only changed steering deadzone, linearity and brake deadzone
    I have them set at 35, 30 and 25.

    I did this to avoid my fingers getting hurr. Do it if you have the same trouble, find the correct calibration. Otherwise it will be horrible for your hands.
  • MusicalVenomMusicalVenom Member Unleaded
    Hmm I'll have a play around and see if it helps.

    Since the recent patches, the Pad just does not feel that responsive as it did before.
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