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Who will be the Sauber drivers next year?

SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
The question is plain and simple. Debate as you wish.

Who will be the Sauber drivers next year? 31 votes

Wehrlein & Ericsson
RhinoCharging00Akkan74 2 votes
Leclerc & Ericsson
Wynterdust1512marcelImDyingYouIdiotEdwardoAndrettiHugoAgantevvviliSlimboDudeLilBrown47bastek2504SebTheBeastSoluxFinstephensmattleeSgtKubicaWickedBasturdsaukisuDD22KHz 16 votes
Leclerc & Giovanazzi
Ho3n3rmykalboiFalcon4F1randokalbus22RaalteBowzer33MrCosta96Smerialdoliva97DennisJV28echo321TAKIINOUETXGTR 13 votes
Giovanazzi & Ericsson
Other lineup


  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
    Wehrlein & Ericsson
    I don't see Pascal getting the Williams seat, though I think he might have been promised a drive next year at Williams or another big team, but he has to do another year paying his dues, as it were, gaining more experience in the Sauber. 

    So for that reason I see the line up unchanged from this year.

    P.S what happened to Sauber?

    A few years back they were a solid midfield team.

    Didn't Perez drive for them at one point?

    I know they've been in the sport a long time, but they seemed to be moving forward for a time...unless I'm remembering it wrong?

    Weren't they partnered with BMW as well?

    Whether, as a small team, they didn't have the resources to adapt to the regulation changes in the hybrid/turbo era, and had struggled once BMW went it alone before that, is possible?

    But then McLaren didn't either, and they aren't a small team by any stretch of the imagination...oh, that's right, they went with Honda.

    Who have now had a good 3 years to refine their engine and iron out the kinks, using their vast resources and experience, just as McLaren are leaving...and what's the betting it is the star of next year, putting Torro Rosso up the front on sheer straight line speed?
  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Petrol Head
    Leclerc & Ericsson
    Am sad to say this as a German because PW94 seems to have no future at Sauber anymore, but Ericsson is safe due to the Swedish Longbow connection and Leclerc will be 'forced' into the second seat due to the Italian Ferrari engine deal.

    Pascal very likely will have three options left for 2018:

    1. Becoming a Williams driver

    2. Becoming a reserve (or even a test) driver at Mercedes / Williams / Force India

    3. Becoming a driver in Formula E or a 'different' motorsports series
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  • WynterdustWynterdust Member Team Principal
    edited November 2017
    Leclerc & Ericsson
    Pascal would do well to become Mercedes reserve for a season and compete in a different series. If Bottas shows no improvement from this year then a seat may very well open up and Pascal will be in a prime position for it. At Williams he will be second favourite to a vastly inferior driver and if he doesn't beat him then that would definitely end his career.

    As for the Sauber seats, it's a given that Leclerc will be in one of the cars since Ferrari are effectively turning Sauber into their B team (especially now with this heavy Alfa Romeo link to Sauber). It's just a case of whether it'll be Ericsson or Giovinazzi in the second seat. It could go either way but Ferrari could well make a convincing deal with Sauber to put Gio in the car. I don't think Ericsson's backers are a 100% guarantee at the moment. Free engines for example would cover the cost of losing Ericsson. That being said, I think it will be Ericsson in the car with a possibility of him being replaced by Gio mid season.

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  • SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
    edited December 2017
    Leclerc & Ericsson
    LECLERC & ERICSSON CONFIRMED. Thanks for your opinions.
  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    This is not about the F1 game, so it should be in the World of Motorsport section.
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    Leclerc & Giovanazzi
    How badly does Ericsson have to do to be kicked out of F1 for good? He's been around for 4-5 years now and shown absolutely nothing. Feel bad for Wehrlein.
  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Champion
    Leclerc & Ericsson
    That's an easy one  :D                                                             

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  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    I have forsight the answer is Leclerc and Ericson... 

    -Didn't already know this beforehand from looking at the F1 site....
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  • equitisquartusequitisquartus Member New Car Smell
    Pay for Play is such a mess. It will never change though. Without driver cash infusion, the lower teams will vanish. The Sauber 2nd driver is a joke. I don't see anyone in that seat doing anything but looking for blue flags.
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