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[FEATURE] Realistic Damage or Damage scaling

bn880bn880 Member New Car Smell
edited November 2017 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
Realistic Damage or Damage scaling.  I have found through comparisons to real life crash tests, watching thousands of crashes, and personal experience in repairing cars after crashes that Dirt Rally has an insanely low level of damage when you slam into hard objects.  This goes for everything, suspension, bodywork, wheels, engine, etc...  Suggestion is to add a damage realism slider, OR if not, at least allow modded damage settings to save in single player so people can add breakdowns/damage to their career experience.

[FEATURE] Realistic Damage or Damage scaling 6 votes

Add - Realistic Damage option
83% 5 votes
Add - Damage Scaling Slider
16% 1 vote
No changes please - prefer the arcade damage
0% 0 votes


  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    I agree that damage is not always hyper realist, but for beginners in rally game it seems me necessary to keep such a 'low level entry damage model', so more realistic damage should be optional and/or progressive in my view.  Yet the current damage model seems me still very realistic compared to many other racing games...
    Please also consider to better explain the correspondance between the proposal and the poll's entries : how many proposals are you making ? It seems me not easy to vote on your proposal as the different concepts are not well distinguished in my view.  As it concerns a potentially important feature, I think it deserves to be clarified... 
  • beeflipsjimbobbeeflipsjimbob Member New Car Smell
    I would really like a realistic damage option in dirt rally. Adding realistic damage would add challenge , realism and and make it more of a simulation. In the game right now you can go 100 mph into a tree and your windscreen smashes and you radiator overheats, its a bit strange. The damage model is a lot better than other games but this is a rally game you slide around in massively tuned up cars at 100 mph through a forest and when you crash its bad. Other games e.g forza do not need a very realistic damage model because they are racing on actual race tracks in expensive race cars.I hope a realistic damage model is added in the game.
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