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Core Competencies + driver status career mode

After playing in 8 seasons, I realized that there could be some improvements in 2 aspects of the career mode. One of them is the competencies.
It's really annoying having to start from zero every time you switch team. It takes 2/3 more seasons for you to stay at the level you had on your team when you first signed. For instance, I went to Red Bull on season 7 and the team's progress history was level with Mercedes and Ferrari. But once I joined RBR, Ferrari and Mercedes development just wen WAY ahead, and I got behind. Basically because I had to spend an entire year to put the efficiency and QC at a desirable level and because I had no competencies and every medium upgrade took 4 weeks. Besides that, I was a number 2 driver and did not gain much resource points. And I was the number 2 driver for a year and a half, even though I ALWAYS beat Ricciardo. 

So basically what the game is telling me is: you're gonna have 2/3 wasted years just to set up a good development rate and switching teams is bad.
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