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Apex Online Racing - DiRT 4 PVP Knockout Rally Championship

emurphy783emurphy783 Member New Car Smell
We have some exciting news to share: 
Sign-ups for AOR's first Season of DiRT 4 PVP Knockout Rally Championship are now open!!

We have been missing rally on the forum for a while now, but, now it's back, back with the BANG of anti-lagged monsters roaring through the countryside of 5 different locations.

For this, the inaugural season, drivers will be pitted against each other through the tough and challenging special stages at the same time. Everyone has the same class of machinery, but who has the skill to guide through the ever changing scenery and get on top of the timing screens?

Only the best will progress to the final stages of the night, so one lapse in concentration or misread pace-note and it's back to the service area to gather your thoughts!

All the stages will be new to the drivers by using the DiRT 4 Your Stage feature. So gone are the days of memorizing the track.....DON'T CUT!!!

There will be no limit to the number of sign-ups and everyone can take part to try and put their mark on the AOR Rally scene.

Car class is still to be determined by the drivers but no matter what the case, we will be in for some exciting viewing!

Another first for AOR will be on-board Rally streaming. Some drivers will be live streaming their perspectives as they race over gravel, asphalt, snow and ice in a bid to become champion. This means spectators can view their favorite driver (or drivers) over the 5 grueling events and keep up with all the action.

If you are interested in this competetive league, we recommend you to follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the AOR website (https://apexonlineracing.com/)
  2. Sign up to AOR / Log in to AOR
  3. Go to the following forum (AOR DiRT 4 - PVP Knockout Rally Championship Sign-Ups)
  4. Read through the post and the linked post
  5. If interested, sign up.
Murphy - AOR DiRT Co-ordinator


  • emurphy783emurphy783 Member New Car Smell
    I can also be contacted through here if you require any further information.

  • 88stix8888stix88 Member New Car Smell
    Is this for PS4 players as well ?

    And from the uk, finding it hard to register for AOR
  • 88stix8888stix88 Member New Car Smell
    Site not working for some reason... please reply
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