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clutch options with transmission setting

looking at the options under transmission and need input as I use a T150 with the paddles, no shifter yet. Any input as to best option if that is semi-automatic, manual sequential, manual H pattern, manual H or sequential etc? I'm clueless with this, have T3-a pedals with clutch but prefer for now to avoid that unless needed. thank you!


  • BadD0gBadD0g Member Team Principal
    Manual sequential is what you want, it will let you use the paddles but do the cluching for you. Although if you have a clutch pedal you might want to turn on the "Clutch Override" setting, this will allow you to use the clutch pedal for clutch kicks (handy for getting RWD to break traction quickly) but otherwise the game will control it for you.
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  • Rosinbag1Rosinbag1 Member New Car Smell
    perfect and thank you for the input 

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