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We're still waiting for news

There'll no be new content? At least say it, and admit the game will die soon!
Or, let's announce something to revamp the game...
Just say something please  :(


  • GrahamMMGrahamMM Member New Car Smell
    No news is not good news in  Codemasters case.
  • Pablo1985Pablo1985 Member New Car Smell
    I'm on the verge of calling defeat with this game, Codemasters clearly do not care about those who paid for the game when they not only continue to ignore their own customers, but also show no interest in fixing the problems THEY caused!

    I emailed them to ask about the number of problems (i.e. poor servers, glitched achievements, incredibly overpowered AI that should never have been made that way in the first place, why there is such an imbalance between battles and racing when the latter is what made the series so popular in the first place), this was their response:

    Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Micro Machines World Series.

    Unfortunately we cannot confirm any plans, at the moment, to release any further updates to Micro Machines World Series.

    Keep up to date with any further announcements on our website - www.codemasters.com

    Come on Codemasters......really?! Do you really believe that sort of answer, that almost looks like a generic automated message, is going to cut it? Hardly answers any of my questions, let alone acknowledges the fact that I spent the time to point out a number of areas that need addressing. Says to check their website....they have completely ignored people on here since late July when the problems with the Ouija board and what not first happened! Brilliant  :D

    Afraid that is what you are dealing with people, a company who made a shocking effort at relaunching a game series they made so popular in the 80s/90s and have left it blowing in the wind without a care in the world for the people who paid for Micro Machines. Wouldn't buy another Codemasters game if you don't want to be let down

  • GrahamMMGrahamMM Member New Car Smell
    Ridiculous isn't it? This game has such a rich history over the decades, and they have ruined it. It could have been one of the greatest online racing games due to it's simplicity,but no, they completely messed it up.
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