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Help! - No force feedback when using Fanatec 2.5 wheelbase


I just cannot get force feedback to register in Dirt Rally when using a Fanatec v2.5 Clubsport wheelbase. (Playing the game on PC / Steam)

Vibration & Feedback is On and all FFB settings have been set to over 100% to try and at least get some reading but I'm getting no joy at all. There is simply no resistance or feeling through the wheel. I've saved the FFB profile, redone it a couple of times, reloaded and all settings remain in place. The wheel and pedal configuration works perfectly. 

Note that FFB is fine when testing through the Fanatec Windows game controller and also works perfectly in all other games. The Fanatec on-board wheel profile has also been set up correctly for FFB!

Am I missing something obvious here although I never had this issue when previously using a Thrustmaster 300RS?

If it makes any difference I'm playing on Oculus VR

Many thanks in advance.



  • justcallmemacjustcallmemac Member New Car Smell
    Sorted....and completely by accident! 

    Was messing around with wheel rotation in the Fanatec wheel tuning menu, reducing it from the default 900 to 720 degrees and immediately noticed feedback through the wheel. Re-calibrated and played around with the FFB settings in-game along with further tuning on the wheel itself and I'm good to go!
  • OliBatesonOliBateson Member New Car Smell
    Hi - Ive noticed that navigating the menu options doesn't work using the CSW 2.5 wheel buttons. It worked fine with the CSW 2.0 wheel. Does your wheel have the same issue?
  • peterf1peterf1 Member Unleaded
    late post... I noticed last night that if you have the fanatec F1 wheel controls on the wheel on (S1 to S4 settings) then the right joystick button on the wheel does not navigate the game mfd for left right up down arrows. though it was a bug at first...maybe it is.
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