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PS4 Multiplayer - Yellow flag during all the race

PS4 ver 1.10 
participant 16 - 50% race - short qualy - Monaco
Weather dynamic - session start time official - Session privacy invite only -
car performance realistic - parc ferme on - collision on - damage simulation - safety car on - rules on - corner cutting strict - formation lap on - race starts manual
assist all off except racing line

Shortly what happen... we had yellow flag from the beginning of the race until the end. In monaco it isn't a problem, there are no chance to overtake someone in front of you.
Big problems arrived when leader cars had to overtake lapped cars. The "Race Control" ask to give back the position to them and, because of the track, this wasn't easy to do and leaders received penalty "5 second stop&go for overtake with yellow flags". (video here https://youtu.be/Kuj5FutWY3M )
I have to say the between the qualy session and the race there were some disconnection (very rare in our league) they tried to enter again before start the formation lap. 
Another problem was that one of this driver the re-enter the race had the Safety Car displayed on the screen but the Safety Car never came out in the race 
(video here https://youtu.be/5zuC-8Gnh0A)
Furthermore, at the end of the race in the result table, penalty were doubled and not added to the final lap time.(i.e.: the winner of the race had 6x 5 second stop&go for a total of 30 second. But, if you see in this video https://youtu.be/Kuj5FutWY3M?t=7m46s it says 60 seconds instead of 30 and still 50 seconds on the second classified.)
Instead, the penalty for cutting the corner were added. 
@F1Support ;
Thank's for reading this!
This is my Ps4 online league site: http://gpclub.forumfree.it/


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