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F1 2017: AI unable to change to appropriate tyres

flipchip73flipchip73 Member New Car Smell

Has anyone encountered that AI is unable to change to appropriate tyres when there is a change in weather? I have 2 encounters.

Malaysia GP - Lewis was continuing pit-in after the rain has stopped and trying to change from intermediates to slick tyres. He ended up pitting in 18 times and was still in intermediates tyres at the end of the race.

Australia GP - Sebastian pitted in from slick to intermediate due light rain condition and DRS disable. When the heavy rain started, he was unable to change to full wet tyres and continue to pit in. As the rain condition changed to light rain, he stop pitting in. But when the rain stopped and DRS enabled, Sebastian was able to pit in again to change to slick tyres without any issue. He pitted a total of 11 times.

I am a xbox1 user using the 1.10 patch playing full race and is now in seventh season.

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