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Catch Safety Car Bug

Hi Guys,

I wanna report a bug that has happened to me three times by now in my recent singleplayer playthrough with williams.

When SC comes out I'm told to catch the Safety Car Cue. When I have done that the On Screen Notification keeps saying "Catch Safety Car Cue"
instead of rather telling me something like "Stay behind Räikönnen" as it happens to me now as i write.
That is odd, but somewhat not that big of a deal as I can still drive behind Räikönnen. The problem is, that Hamilton behind me tries to overtake me 
constantly which doesn't make any sense as he should stay behind me.
My guess would be that the game doesn't count me in when it's calculating the SC cue and therefore the driver behind me tries to get where I am supposed
to drive. When I get passed I lose my position and if I get my position back I get penalised, as I should because I just broke a FIA rule.

That's what happened three times out of the 4 SC I had in my Career.

Another odd thing was that in two occasions Jeff told me that I am free to pass the car ahead of me but when I do that it's illegal.

Both bugs where experienced with the most recent patch that is availlable on Steam.

... I will get back to an evening of flashbacks now.


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    Thanks for sharing, it's been invaluable. No one is listening at CM, shutters are up.
    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
  • JayFrJayFr Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2017
    It did happened to me like 10times yesterday, on PS4Pro/1.10/CareerMode
    My assist options: I just set the dynamic path/trajectory on turns, with 60%, 72% and 8080% difficulty. 
    Game in French, Renault F1 Team
    I've been overtaked being 1st, 2nd, and farer, with the same message: Catch SafetyCar Cue. 
    The problem with Jeff saying I can overtake also happened to me. 
  • MilligramSmileMilligramSmile Member New Car Smell
    SC full of ****!
    1. SC goes to the track just like that, 5-6 times per race 50%
    2. Delta during SC that appears then disappears. When it appears immediately at +15 sec and the time is 10 seconds, i.e. even stopping the car - I do not have time to get rid of the delta.
    3. During the SC, inform about overtaking one pilot, then another, then overtake the SC, then hold on to someone. Although the SC can not be overtaken.
    4. Bots ahead of SC

    The game just ****, namely SC !
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