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Kicked for Cheating

ScromScrom Member New Car Smell
The day before yesterday I bougth F1 2017. I played a little bit of the career mode, then I wanted to play online, but whenever I want to play online it tells me "You have been kicked for Cheating". I don't have cheats, mods or anything like that. I didn't even played a online game that makes no sense. I just want to play with friends:/ What is wrong ?


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Co-Driver
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  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member New Car Smell
    If turning off easytune does not fix it (there is a good chance it will) you can try the following:

    Create a new driver but don't progress any career or grand Prix with it and try the new created driver on multiplayer.  It has worked for me, I always keep one driver just for multiplayer.
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