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SimuCUBE OSW wheel with new firmware freezes the game


I'm developer of the new firmware for the SimuCUBE based OSW wheels for PC. We are closing in on the first non-beta release. However, it appears that Codemaster F1 2017 game will result in an instant game freeze if the SimuCUBE device is set as the steering controller. No other game titles have similar problems, so I'm at a loss to find out what F1 2017 game expects to work differently. Please Codemasters, contact me via PM. 

The relevant crash log zip file text says
  "EXE": "F1_2017.exe",
  "Version": 369343,
  "Exception": "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000408E41D0",
  "System": {
    "ProcessMask": "FF",
    "SystemMask": "FF",
    "Memory": {
      "Resident": {
        "Current": 2932293632,
        "Peak": 2959872000
      "PagedAllocation": {
        "Current": 5533966336,
        "Peak": 5622890496

I can supply the full crash log via email to developers directly.


  • mtakalaGDmtakalaGD Member New Car Smell
    This still happens.

    This makes F1 2017 the only remaining current game where the new OSW firmware does not work.
  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Hi @mtakalaGD. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've sent you a PM for more information.
  • mtakalaGDmtakalaGD Member New Car Smell
    Thanks for contacting. I've sent the crash log as PM.
  • Stoffi16vStoffi16v Member New Car Smell
    Hallo,ich fahre F1 2017 mit einem DDRIVE Simucube 20NM mit aktueller Software und Firmware 0.9.4.Ich habe das Problem das ich in den Kurven ein Rattern (komisches Forcefeedback)habe.Wäre schön wenn dieses behoben werden könnte oder mir eine Lösung angeboten wird da das Spiel so nicht für mich fahrbar ist.Alle anderen Spiele Funktionieren super es liegt an dem Spiel.

  • mtakalaGDmtakalaGD Member New Car Smell
    Stoffi16v: I think, when Codemasters comes back to me to comment about their findings, we can get things working and optimized. I haven't been able to drive F1 2017 at all, at least not enough to develop and investigate the correctness of the effects, because the game will just hang when using SimuCUBE.
  • mtakalaGDmtakalaGD Member New Car Smell
    We have had some finding at our forum, it seems it is a game engine issue to do with graphics engine and its syncronization with the controllers.

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