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DiRT 4 Hellenic Community TEST League

Hello all,

I've set up a League with 2 events in order to test some things about Leagues.

Link: dirt4game.com/uk/clubs/club/114333/hellenic-test

So I need the feedback on the following. Can PS4 players sign up to the league?
(XBOX users, I know they can)

-- EVENT 1: Spanish
-- Cars: Group B (RWD), R2, Up to 2000cc (4WD)
-- No setup selection on 1st stage.
- On STAGE 4 there should be only SERVICE option no SETUP or Tuning option
- On STAGE 5 you shoud have both SERVICE and SETUP/ TUNING option
- On STAGE 6 you should have only SETUP option, no SERVICE

-- CARS: Anything below 200HP
- On STAGE 1 you should have both SERVICE & SETUP option
- On STAGE 3 you should have only SETUP option
- On STAGE 5 you should have only SERVICE option

Thank you all, who will answer to this post :)
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