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How can I get fired?

Hey Guys,

so I started my career with Renault, did lots of development and won both championships in season 2. Now I'm looking for a new challenge and I would like to get fired and change to Sauber. As I won the championship I only got offers from Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. So to move to Sauber, I spent the whole season 3 with crashing out to decrease my reputation, but at the end, I didn't get any offers and my contract with Renault was extended. Is there a way to definitely get fired, or at least choose any team you want after you won a championship? If not, my career is broken, as I don't want to spend the 7 remaining seasons driving for top teams.



  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Race Steward
    I think it depends on how much rep you had. You need to drop below expectations DNF every race and lose the rival battles and lose to your team mate. If you drop low enough you should get fired by Singapore. I saw a video on it, the only offer on the table was Sauber.
  • SebTheBeastSebTheBeast Member New Car Smell
    @DiRTKiNG808 that's exactly what I did for one whole season, but nothing happened. At the end, I didn't get any offers, my contract was simply extended, although I crashed in every single session and had 0 reputation. Maybe this doesn't work anymore because I once won the championship with my team.
  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Race Steward
    Maybe. You could retire then start the game with Sauber.
  • ale85bgale85bg Member Unleaded
    edited December 2017
    Maybe. You could retire then start the game with Sauber.
    Well, maybe he just wants to add a "story" to the career: the former World Champion who leaves Renault after a season full of trouble and pain and sees the light again at Sauber, then helps them win a title in three/four years... In this case just starting another career at Sauber wouldn't do the trick.
  • AdamFreemanAdamFreeman Member Race Steward
    On the older gen games you could get offers from any team not just your current ranked teams.
  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    Easiest and fastest way is to get disqualified from qauli and race by going backwards on the track! That will get you sacked fast lol! But I don't know if that will get you Saubers interest, if disqualifications don't work you may have to simply perform really poorly by placing last every race as "generally speaking" you get offers from similar performing teams.
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