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Thanks to all the drivers that participated in the CMS Dirt Rally League over the past two years! See you in Dirt 4!

-- Current Events--
CMS is taking a break and waiting for Dirt 4!

Champion Motorsports (aka: CMS Racing) - http://cmsracing.com/

Champion Motorsports is a multinational, multi-game sim racing community that has been providing competitive and fun events since 1999. CMS focuses on comradery, community, and clean racing, and strives to provide a fun and helpful environment for drivers of all skill levels. CMS runs a variety of sims including rFactor, iRacing, and Richard Burns Rally. Our rally program has been running top level rally teams in the Rallyesim (RSRBR) championship, as well as our own RBR events, and now we are bringing our expertise into DiRT Rally!

We highly recommend getting involved in our community, so check out our web site and fill out a new member questionnaire! http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/new-members-introductions-54/ and our main site: http://cmsracing.com/

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    CMS DiRT Rally League: Casual Fridays

    The first series in the CMS DiRT Rally League is "Casual Fridays". This is a Fun Series inspired season with a variety of car classes and all three surface types over a three week, three event series, with new events starting each Friday. The routes are straight forward with no tricksies and good weather. They are set to be repeatable so you can drop in and out of the rally at any time, and you can re-run the rally if you think you can post a better time. Basically I wanted this first round to be easy and give us a chance to play around with the game a bit.

    Event 1: B's in the Trees
    Friday, May 8th 00:00 Pacific - Thursday, May 14th 23:00 Pacific
    Cars: Group B
    Location: Wales
    Event Restart-able: True

    SS1: Fferm Wynt (Night/Overcast)
    SS2: Dyffryn Afon (Morning/Overcast)
    - Service -
    SS3: Bronfelen (Midday/Cloudy)
    - Service -
    SS4: Pant Mawr (Midday/Cloudy)
    SS5: Bindo Moorland (Midday/Cloudy)
    - Service -
    SS6: Geufron Forest (Afternoon/Overcast)

    Event 2: Ancient History
    Friday May 15th 00:00 Pacific - Thursday, May 21st 23:00 Pacific
    Cars: Group A
    Location: Greece
    Event Restart-able: True

    SS1: Fourkéta Kourva (Morning/Clear)
    SS2: Ampelonas Ormi (Morning/Clear)
    - Service - 
    SS3: Anodou Farmakas (Midday/Sunny)
    - Service -
    SS4: Pedines Epidaxi (Midday/Sunny)
    SS5: Ypsona tou Dasos (Midday/Sunny)
    - Service -
    SS6: Perasma Platani (Sunset/Clear)

    Event 3: The Half Monte
    Friday May 22nd 00:00 Pacific - Thursday, May 28th 23:00 Pacific
    Cars: 2010 WRC
    Location: Monaco
    Event Restart-able: True

    SS1: Col de Turini -  Sprint en descente (Midday/Sunny)
    SS2: Col de Turini - Descente (Midday/Sunny)
    - Service -
    SS3: Pra d’Alart (Midday/Sunny)
    - Service -
    SS4: Col de Turini - Départ en descente (Midday/Sunny)
    SS5: Route de Turini Descente (Afternoon/Cloudy)
    - Service -
    SS6: Route de Turini (Afternoon/Snow)
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    After running Pike's Peak for two weeks, the next set of Casual Fridays is live!

    3 events over 3 weeks: '60s in Monte, '70s in Greece, '80s in Wales!
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    The Long Dark

    The CMS DRL has done every bit of rally stage in DiRT Rally backwards and forwards at this point. Now we will cover every every bit of road backwards and forwards in a single rally. At night. In the rain. With no restarts.

    This will be a marathon rally in distance and difficulty, running every long stage in the game both directions. The rally will run over night, and weather forecasts are not looking good at all. There are no restarts on this rally, and thus no option to save and quit and come back later. This one might take a couple hours, so put away enough time to do it in one shot. This one will span almost 2 weeks to give people time to complete it.

    I will also be trying out dual class racing. Both the '10 WRC and Kit Car classes will be available, 2WD and 4WD will be scored separately.

    This rally is designed to be a battle of attrition, so drive to survive!

    To view the roadbook, check out https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/14738/cms-racing
    For results, visit our rally forums at http://www.cmsracing.com/
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    CMS DiRT Rally Championship Season 1

    8 rallies over 8 weeks

    Time to get a bit more serious, announcing the the first DiRT Rally Championship for CMS! http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/press-rallysport-cms-rally-league-68/cms-dirt-rally-championship-season-1-a-27550/

    The Rules:

    Two classes 2WD and 4WD:

    There will be a separate championship for 2WD and 4WD cars. The championship will use the top classes for both, 2010s for 4WD and kit cars for 2WD.

    Since there is no way to enforce who drives what cars, drivers are free to switch at will. Whatever car you drive is the class you score points in, so please be aware that if you switch between the classes you will be splitting your points up between the two championships.

    The points scoring and tie breaking will use WRC rules

    1st 25 points
    2nd 18 points
    3rd 15 points
    4th 12 points
    5th 10 points
    6th 8 points
    7th 6 points
    8th 4 points
    9th 2 points
    10th 1 point

    Drop Rule:
    The results of the TWO lowest scoring rallies will be dropped from scoring for each driver. Drivers will be awarded championship points on their top SIX rallies.

    Restarts for the championship rallies are disabled. This rule uses the honor system, please do not purposefully restart in order to gain an advantage.

    The championship organizer reserves the right to change the schedule, individual rallies, and rules as needed, at anytime. He is human and may have overlooked something or made a mistake, and may need to fix something. CYA etc.

    The Rallies:
    Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo - July 31st thru August 6th
    Acropolis Rally of Greece - August 7th thru 13th
    Wales Rally GB - August 14th thru 20th
    Rallye Deutschland - August 21st thru 27th
    Terra Firma Rally - August 28th thru September 3rd
    Rallye du Tar - September 4th thru 10th
    The Grab Bag - September 11th thru 17th
    Return of the Marathon - September 18th thru 24th

    All roadbooks can be found here: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/...738/cms-racing

    Let me know if you have any questions or need clarifications!
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    Our first championship season is complete, and was a big success! Our next step is to play in Finland for a little bit while we plan season 2. If you are looking for an organized championship, or just want to jump in with some competitive drivers, give us a look!

    4WD Champions

    First Place: that_guy
    Sean proved his speed was not just getting "lucky" as he put it in his CMS member intro. With four wins and two third place finishes, he proved he could consistently win against strong competition. His battles with Tipsu all season were great to watch as they fought all season for the top spot on in the championship standings. Huge congrats to Sean for taking the #1 spot in the first CMS DiRT Rally Championship!

    Second Place: Tipsu
    Tipsu fought a hard battle with Sean Jordan all season with two wins, three second place finishes, and three third place finishes. He finished every rally and was never off the podium! His speed and consistency won him second place in the championship. His rivalry with Sean was great entertainment as they pushed each other all season. Grats to Tipsu for taking second place in the championship!

    Third Place: kobeshow
    With one win and three second place finishes, this mysterious driver finished third overall in the championship. I have reached out to him on Steam and hopefully will be able to pass along congrats to him. Congrats to kobeshow!

    Honorable Mention: grieverr
    Patrick is a long time CMS member and showed great speed as he was able to put his hat into the ring as a potential contender. His fourth place finish in the championship proves he is one to watch in the next season!


    First Place: Roy Magnes
    Roy dominated the 2WD championship with three wins, three second place finishes and one third place finish. To top it all off, he was able to clinch the championship on the seventh round and decided to jump into the 4WD class on the last rally, where he took second place in that as well, proving just how fast he is in any car! Congrats to Roy, our first DiRT Rally champion and 2WD champion!

    Second Place: enamel
    Aaron took advantage of the light 2WD field and finished consistently enough to sneak past Magnar in the last round to snag second place in the championship. Slow and steady may not win the race, but it might get you second place!

    Third Place: Magnar
    Magnar showed his raw speed, taking three wins and one second place in his four starts in the championship. While his prior commitments only allowed him to run half the rounds, when he did, he proved he was the man to beat in 2WD. Grats Magnar!

    Full results for CMS DRL Championship Season 1: http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/press-rallysport-cms-rally-league-68/cms-dirt-rally-championship-season-1-awards-27977/

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    CMS DiRT Rally Championship Season 2

    Master post: http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/press-rallysport-cms-rally-league-68/cms-dirt-rally-championship-season-2-a-28129/

    6 rallies over 6 weeks

    For the second CMS DiRT Rally Championship season, the season will be a little shorter and will wrap up before everyone leaves town for the holidays. The rules will be a bit simpler this time, however the rallies will be a bit longer with a little more weather. We will be running the new 2000s class, which runs the v2 physics and is a tribute to the battles of Colin McRae in the Ford Focus and Richard Burns in the Impreza from 1999 to 2001.

    The Rules:

    Single class: 2000s

    There will be a single class for this championship, the 2000s. Drivers are free to switch cars between rallies.

    The points scoring and tie breaking will use WRC rules.

    1st 25 points
    2nd 18 points
    3rd 15 points
    4th 12 points
    5th 10 points
    6th 8 points
    7th 6 points
    8th 4 points
    9th 2 points
    10th 1 point

    All rallies are scoring events, there is no drop rule.

    Restarts for the championship rallies are disabled. This rule uses the honor system, please do not purposefully restart in order to gain an advantage.

    The championship organizer reserves the right to change the schedule, individual rallies, and rules as needed, at anytime. He is human and may have overlooked something or made a mistake, and may need to fix something. CYA etc.

    The Rallies:
    Greece: October 23rd thru 29th
    Germany: October 30th thru November 5th
    Finland: November 6th thru 12th
    Wales: November 13th thru 19th
    Monaco: November 20th thru 26th
    The International: November 27th thru December 3rd

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    CMS DiRT Rally League Championship Season 2 is in the books! After 6 events over 6 weeks here is how things shook out.

    First Place: revoasd
    No surprise here, after winning 4 out of 6 events revoasd took the top spot of the podium with 136 points! His ability to put up near WR times made him the man to beat all season, and the competition was only able to do it twice. Grats to revoasd for a dominating win!

    Second Place: Simmoniti
    Simmoniti was nipping at the heals of revoasd all season, and was able to best him twice, taking two wins this season. Three second place finishes and a third place meant he was not off the podium a single time, and he handily wrapped up second place with 119 points. Grats Simmoniti!

    Third Place: Tipsu
    Tipsu's key to third place was consistency. He placed in third or fourth on every event, at times when his nearest rivals faltered. His consistency earned him a spot on the podium against the leagues fastest drivers. Grats Tipsu!

    The rest of the final standings are below. For the next two weeks the league will be running all the Sweden stages with the Polo and Hyundai, then will take a break until the new year. Have a great Rally Sweden and we will see you again after the holiday season!

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    CMS DiRT Rally League: Progression Dailies
    We have ran every stage several times now in the CMSDRL, how about we flip this around and run every car!

    This series of events tracks the progression of rally over the past 75 years. Starting in the 60's and ending in the 2010s, each day in January there will be a new event with a different car. Each event will be done in a time trial format, restarts will be enabled, so feel free to run the event as many times as you like each day to get the best time you can.

    Each day is a standalone event with no overall championship scoring, so no need to worry about missing a day or driving the cars you don't want to.

    This will all kick off on the first day of the new year, with a hangover run in the 60's Mini!

    This series will be broken up into 4 non-championship seasons:
    Season 1 - Historic 2WD Era (60's, 70's, 80's)
    MINI Cooper S @ Route de Turini
    Lancia Fulvia HF @ Anodou Farmakas
    Lancia Stratos @ Kontinjärvi
    Opel Kadett GT/E 16v @ Ransbysäter
    Ford Escort Mk II @ Sweet Lamb
    Fiat 131 Abarth @ Hammerstein
    Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 @ Kakaristo
    BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally @ Perasma Platani

    Season 2 - Group B Era (Group B 4WD, Group B 2WD)
    Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 @ Geufron Forest
    Lancia 037 Evo 2 @ Oberstein
    Lancia Delta S4 @ Norraskoga
    Audi Sport quattro Rallye @ Col de Turini Départ
    Ford RS200 @ Tsiristra Théa
    Opel Manta 400 @ Ruschberg
    MG Metro 6R4 @ River Severn Valley

    Season 3 - Group A Era (Group A, F2 Kit Car)
    Lancia Delta HF Integrale @ Kathodo Leontiou
    Peugeot 306 Maxi @ Frauenberg
    Subaru Impreza 1995 @ Sweet Lamb
    Seat Ibiza Kitcar @ Pra d'Alart
    Ford Escort RS Cosworth @ Hamra

    Season 4 - Modern Era (R4, 2000's, 2010's)
    Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 @ Hamelahti
    Subaru Impreza 2001 @ Anodou Farmakas
    Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 @ Bronfelon
    Citroën C4 Rally @ Vallée Descendante
    Mini Countryman Rally Edition @ Hammerstein
    Ford Fiesta RS Rally @ Kakaristo
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X @ Perasma Platani
    Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C R4 @ Geufron Forest
    Volkswagen Polo Rally @ Pitkäjärvi
    Hyundai Rally @ Lysvik

    The league is open to the public, so to join in, simply join the league at https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/14738/cms-racing

    Also note: I will be culling the league of inactive players, if you wish to remain in the league, simply run an event in the month of January. If you get removed, no worries, simply rejoin and run a round!

    CMS DiRT Rally Club Championship
    In addition to the CMSDRL, we are also starting a second, members-only club championship. This second league was created to provide CMS members a tight knit "club racing" environment that was missing from our public league. If you are interested in joining CMS, take a look at how to join here: http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/cms-dirt-rally-league-102/cms-dirt-rally-club-championship-signup-28455/
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    FYI - Planning is currently going on for Season 2 of the Club Championship, slated to start the end of April!
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    Pike's Peak Gravel Time Trial - April 12 thru April 30th

    Now that the classic full gravel course is in for Pike's Peak, lets run a time trial event on it!

    Course: Pikes Peak (Gravel) - Full Course
    Date range: 04/12/2016 12:00 - 04/30/2016 23:00 Pacific
    Event gamemode: Hillclimb
    Stage Retry: Yes
    Owned Vehicles: No
    Event Restart: Yes
    Career Engineers: No
    Format: Best time from two runs, repeatable event and stages. Run as much as you want to get those fractions of seconds.
    League: CMS Public league https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/...738/cms-racing

    All are welcome to join, just join the league if you haven't already and post your times!
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    The CMS Dirt Rally Club Championship is live!

    The CMS DRCC has begun with an non-scoring, pre-season testing and seeding event, running this week. The first scoring event will start on May 3rd, and will kick off a championship that will run 6 rounds over 12 weeks, using a single class made up of the 2000s and R4 cars.

    New this season is an Amateur Championship, designed for competition among the "mere mortals". The Team Championship will be returning, as well as the Overall Championship, open to all drivers.

    For more information on how to join this event, see this thread: http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/cms-dirt-rally-league-102/cms-drcc-season-2-master-post-29215/
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    Posponed to July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!
    Since RaceNet has been down nearly the entire event I am postponing this one to next weekend.

    Friday July 1st 00:00 - 23:45 Pacific: Gravel course with historic hillclimb cars
    Saturday July 2nd 00:00 - 23:45 Pacific: Mixed course with both historic and modern cars
    Sunday July 3rd 00:00 - 23:45 Pacific: Tarmac course with the one modern car

    In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb this weekend, I have set up a three event fun series over three days!

    This Dirt Rally event pays tribute to the past and present of this amazing motorsport event by running all three versions of the course back-to-back-to-back.

    To join this event, simply join the CMS Public League here: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/14738/cms-racing

    P.S. I apologize for the short notice, I have planned on running this event for some time and completely forgot the real event was this weekend until I was reminded of it!

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    Posponed to July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!
    Since RaceNet has been down nearly the entire event I am postponing this one to next weekend.

    Friday July 1st 00:00 - 23:45 Pacific: Gravel course with historic hillclimb cars
    Saturday July 2nd 00:00 - 23:45 Pacific: Mixed course with both historic and modern cars
    Sunday July 3rd 00:00 - 23:45 Pacific: Tarmac course with the one modern car
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    Announcing the CMS Rallycross fun series!

    This series aims to give you the feeling of progressing thru the ranks of the World RX as a driver who starts at the bottom and works their way up to the top class. Starting with the Minis, moving to the 1600s, then finishing up with the Supercars, this series will cover all the RX content available in Dirt Rally. The difficulty will increase as you progress thru the ranks.

    All events use the World RX format. Four heats, each four laps each qualify you for the semi-final. The semi-final and final heats are six laps each. You must make it to the final to post a time, getting knocked out before the final is the same as a DNF for the purposes of comparing times among drivers.

    I recommend people practice at the appropriate difficulty level, especially as we get into the Supercars where you will need to be able to put down consistently fast laps to make it out of the qualifying heats. I have run against the hardest difficulty and was able to make it into the finals after a lot of practice, so the high rated drivers should not have an issue, but the lower rated drivers should expect to need to turn a lot of laps to get the speed to make the finals.

    This series will take place in the CMS Public League and is open to all. To participate, simply join the league here: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/14738/cms-racing

    Junior Level
    Car: Rallycross Classic
    Difficulty: Hard
    Lydden Hill Junior Circuit: Aug 5 - Aug 11
    Holjes Junior Circuit: Aug 12 - Aug 18

    Clubman Level
    Car: Rallycross 1600s
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Hell Clubman Circuit: Aug 19 - Aug 25
    Holjes Clubman Circuit: Aug 26 - Sept 1
    Lydden Hill Clubman Circuit: Sept 2 - Sept 8

    Pro Level
    Car: Rallycross Supercars
    Difficulty: Impossible
    Holjes Full Circuit: Sept 9 - Sept 15
    Lydden Hill Full Circuit: Sept 16 - Sept 22
    Hell Full Circuit: Sept 23 - Sept 29
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    CMS DiRT Rally Club Championship Season 3
    The championship will consist of 6 rallies over 12 weeks, starting September 2nd, 2016. The rallies will run two full weeks to allow competitors time to prepare and to allow completion of some longer rallies.

    To sign up for the club championships, head over to this post: CMS DiRT Rally Club Championship Signup

    One Class: 70s + 80s
    • The class will be a mix of the games 70s and 80s classes.
    • Drivers are locked into a single car for the entire season, no switching
    • The car used in the first rally will be considered the drivers "declared car"

    Four Championships, based on driver skill ratings
    CMSRC-1: Elo Rating 1570 and above
    CMSRC-2: Elo Rating 1393 - 1569
    CMSRC-3: Elo Rating 1392 and below
    Open Class: Less than 5 rallies completed

    Ratings can be found here: DRCC Driver Ratings

    1st: 10 points
    2nd: 8 points
    3rd: 7 points
    4th: 6 points
    5th: 5 points
    6th: 4 points
    7th: 3 points
    8th: 2 points
    9+: 1 point

    Season settings
    Event Restart: Off
    Stage Restart: Off
    Checkpoints: At service parks
    Owned Vehicles: Off
    Career Engineers: Off
    Vehicle Tuning: On

    Rally Sweden: Sept 2nd - Sept 15th
    Rally Germany: Sept 16th - Sept 29th
    Rally Greece: Sept 30th - Oct 13th
    Rally Monaco: Oct 14th - Oct 27th
    Rally Finland: Oct 28th - Nov 10th
    Rally Wales: Nov 11th - Nov 24th

    Rally Extensions
    Rallies will not be extended or re-ran in any event, including, but not limited to: Racenet outages no mater the duration, internet outages, personal time management issues, zombie apocalypse, etc. Long story short, you have two weeks to run about an hour worth of driving, and if you miss the window for any reason, no do-overs!

    The championship organizer reserves the right to change the schedule, individual rallies, and rules as needed, at anytime.

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    The Nightmare Before Christmas - Looking for an extreme challenge using historic cars? Look no further than the latest CMS event!

    You have been stuck in the mountains in a snow storm for several days, with the roads closed, blocked by an avalanche. Finally, on Christmas Eve, the storm let up just enough to give the road crews some time to clear the path. You will have to drive all night in terrible weather, but will you be able to make it home in time to spend Christmas with your family?

    This rally is a true nightmare, covering every single stage make available in the game. At night. In a storm.

    We will be using the historic cars again, and this will be a true test of the skills you all have built up over the past season. Additionally I have added the 60 class for a special "Mini Cooper Challenge". This will be a second class for anyone brave (or dumb?) enough to tackle this rally in the iconic Mini.

    Event restart is on for anyone that is masochistic enough to want to run this multiple times, but also as a present to the drivers that don't quite make it, but need another shot at finishing.

    Good luck and happy holidays!

    Event: The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Cars: 60's, 70's, 80's
    Classes: Overall, Mini Cooper Challenge
    Date: Dec 2nd - Dec 23rd
    Event restart: on
    Stage restart: off

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    The CMS Dirt Rally Club Championship Season 4 start tomorrow Friday the 13th! (ooooooo)


    Featuring multi-class racing with the 2000s and the 1970s car classes, this season will see a total of 6 championships for drivers to compete in.
    The championship season will run 8 events over 16 weeks, with each rally in the season lasting two weeks.
    Our league has seen steady growth since it's inception, with competition for both top drivers as well as "gentleman" level drivers, so it's a great time to jump in!
  • enamelenamel Member Race Steward
    Another championship season completed, and this was the best yet both in participation and the skill level of the drivers in the series.

    I also wanted to thank everyone who participated in the CMS Dirt Rally events over the past two years. We started just after the early access launch and never stopped rallying as we just wrapped up a championship series that took us thru 8 events over the past 4 months. Two years straight and it is time for the league to take a wee break as we wait for league support to be added to Dirt 4. Stay tuned for more CMS rallying!
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