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Error 500 in Racenet (Rivals)


I'm playing Grid 2 in PS3 and I'm trying to add my friends as rivals in Racenet.com, but always got the same error 500.


With this issue, it's impossible to obtain the trophy "Keep Your Friends Close..."

What can I do?


  • heltonbr1982heltonbr1982 Member New Car Smell
    I'm having the same problem, the Rivals section always inform Error 500.
  • EricTheRedEricTheRed Member New Car Smell
    I am having the same problem

  • NN77NN77 Member New Car Smell

    same problem here.

    my acoount is connected to the PSN and set as main account. all features working in racenet but whenever i click on "Rivals" it gives me the Error 500.

    really annoying since the Rivals trophy is the last one for platin. Pls fix asap!


  • heltoncapheltoncap Member New Car Smell
    I've created a second account and the problem remains, it seems that everybody is having the same problem.

    I just need this trophy to unlock the platinum too.

    The Codemasters staff seems don't care for the problem, some guys in playstationtrophies.org are having the same issue.
  • SatineSatine Member admin
    Hi chaps, sorry to hear about the issue. I have forwarded it to the team for investigation. More news as we get it.

    Director, Community Relations


    Website http://www.codemasters.com

    Follow me on Twitter: SatineCM

  • heltoncapheltoncap Member New Car Smell
    Guys, the Codemasters solved the issue and the rivals can be added normally again. No more error 500.

    Thank you chaps!!!
  • ZilogZilog Member New Car Smell
    I was fine last week, but friend had the issue.He;s fine now and sent me a rival request. I login to accept and now I get the error 500. 
    My last trophy to is race rival on track and I'm never going to do this until its fixed. Please look at it again Codemasters.

    Thanks in advance
  • NN77NN77 Member New Car Smell

    it worked indeed for a short time 2 days ago but now back to Error 500.

    sad enough i wasn't able to receive the trophy while it was working....

    never the less, still annoying and not working as intended :(

  • gnark1llgnark1ll Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2014
    Exactly the same behaviour here. (From a PC using Steam)

    The Rivals tab seem to work on the last day or even in the last few hours of the Rival week (or 6 days,)...then its just back to error 500.

    Racenet and Rivals does seem to be working ok..seems to be updating and applying the follower gain/loss...but its hard to follow if Im actually winning or my general progress, when I can only access it 1 time out of 100 tries.

    Not that it matters enormously, but I actually lost 500+ followers this week because I missed the fact one of my Rivals (that gave me good Sport this week) had pulled ahead on Challenges....

    This really needs a fix CM (or at least comment and explanation)..its a GREAT system (its responsible for me even still playing Grid 2 after returning to it a month or 2 ago....its an addictive feature, I love it : D)

    But this Error 500 is annoying as anything...

    Im not exaggerating when I say that Im holding off on buying Autosport (£3 Steam discount notwithstanding lol) if this major feature of 'the old game' is still so flaky....

    If I have missed a Cm Dev comment on this subject, point me in the right direction by all means..but Ive searched and searched for some info on this...I havent been able to find anything, beyond people asking the question and receiving no useful reply.
  • gnark1llgnark1ll Member New Car Smell
    The Rivals tab is currently working on my account..

    A couple of my chums who also use Racenet have also been able to use the Rivals tab all day today....so it really seems like a system wide error, rather than just individual accounts...

  • gnark1llgnark1ll Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2014
    OK update, all the people Im already friends with, Rivals tab is working..but I just added a new friend...

    and he has Error 500 on his Rivals screen...and thus cannot accept my invite to Rivalry.

  • FaniAti74FaniAti74 Member New Car Smell

    Unfortunately, more than me since the day this error!

    I'm playing Grid 2 in PS3 and I'm trying to add my friends as rivals in Racenet.com, but always got the same error 500.
  • inuitgelerinuitgeler Member New Car Smell

  • benzema12benzema12 Member New Car Smell
    Hello Guys i.am crazy eror 500 is killing me i dont now what to do help Please 

  • xRaiderxxRaiderx Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2018
    Necro this thread, but racenet error 500 again here. PC.
  • theformantheforman Member New Car Smell
    racenet error 500 again. PC.
    help pls!!!!!
  • JAIME11002JAIME11002 Member New Car Smell
    Mine doesn’t work either.                        

  • MH22RBMH22RB Member New Car Smell
    I'm having the same problem. Error 500 in the rivals. Please help!!!
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