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Xbox One X Enhancements

Will there be any enhancements to be planned in the future for Xbox One X?


  • HopolopoHopolopo Member New Car Smell
    Yes please

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  • MasterFunk73MasterFunk73 Member New Car Smell
    Xbox One X update would be grand. Just click the enable 4k switch ;)
  • transfixtransfix Member Unleaded
    Would love to see Dirt with Xbox One x enhancements!
    One thing though wrc 7 looks great but has bad framerate i have x1x and DR plays so smooth when i play wrc its noticeably sloow esp when turning panning the screen, lets get some visual fidelity with good frames framees affect ffb. DR looks better than D4 and i dont understand why its like hdr is on in DR and the textures of the road is better only people standing around look better in D4 and the home screen car.
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