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Please let this have split screen multiplayer on consoles!!!

This is the game a lot of people is waiting for, simulators like Driveclub and Project Cars are so fcking boring, no crashes, no sick jumps, no nitros, and now theres no Burnout, not Midnight Club, no Motorstorm, new Flatout was meh, Next Car Game from the crators of Flatout looks also meh, Need for Speed is Bullshit, so theres a lack of a DAMN GOOD NOT AT ALL REALISTIC AND CRAZY AND WHY NOT, VIOLENT ARCADE RACING GAME.

I have one thing to ask for: Please, let this game have split screen multiplayer for at least 2 players, Motorstorm Pacific Rim had it, also Motorstorm Apocallypse had it, good old car games had it and it was fcking funny to race friends in your living room at console nights  when the Doritos and Moutain Dew kicked in,  now Rocket League is almost the only car game that allows u to play split screen, even at online mode, and in my opinion it makes it the best car game on this console generation and thats sad or maybe is not, because rocket league rocks, ****, but u know what i mean. 

So please, theres a lot of people looking for a good racing game to play split screen, and this game could be that game,  and they would buy it, and the other people would buy it too because it looks awesome and crazy and  baddass like Motorstorm used to.

Thats all, good luck launching the game and apollogizes if i did mistake cuz english is not my native laguage, cya  bois and please consider it.
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