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Shortshift Racing League - Xbox One - LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS!

epiced9epiced9 Member New Car Smell
edited December 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues
Shortshift Racing League is a relatively new league, we are now on Season 3, our first full calendar season! We are looking for new members that are available to race on Friday nights at 8pm GMT (7pm GMT for Practice session). Comment below if you are up to the challenge!


  • Subby76Subby76 Member New Car Smell
    I’m interest and up to the challeng !!! 
  • KelvinBotermanKelvinBoterman Member New Car Smell
    I'm very interested in joining the league and I think I'm up to the challenge.
  • DontWeAllWant1DontWeAllWant1 Member New Car Smell
    I'd like to join, and I am up to the challenge
  • Down3ydanDown3ydan Member New Car Smell
    i’m up for it what date does it start? Gamertag: Evans R5
  • BeaMFragmentBeaMFragment Member New Car Smell
    I'd be interested in joining.                              
  • MyLifeFCMyLifeFC Member New Car Smell
    Im up for the challenge. Count me in. Gamertag: xXxKbOy3onXxX

  • HUNzoli123HUNzoli123 Member New Car Smell
    I’m interested Im up to the challenge.         
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