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How DiRT will handle controllers in the long run?

NahkamarakattiNahkamarakatti Member Wheel Nut
Hello everybody.

I wanted to ask from the devs ( @justbiglee ) what is the reason why you need specially supported hardware in case you want to see setup options like "Advanced Wheel Settings", to be able to map clutch pedal or to use h-shifter? Even for the linear steering input you have to manually create your own .xml-file and to edit couple of more.

So I'm wondering is this really a future proof way to do this? I haven't experienced similar issues during my +10 years of sim racing. If sims like RBR would have done this way, there would be none of "supported" controllers anymore in the market.

So am I misunderstood or is this really the way you want and have to do it and why other game studios can give you fully working controllers without any special "support"?

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  • LoryxLoryx Member New Car Smell
    are there news about this severe issue?

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