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The game crash

I'm noticing in the time trial after completing the lap with any car and on any circuit, as soon as the lap time is shown on the screen the game crashes and returns to the xbox one x home. The problem is repeated at the end of the invitational events just ended the event and the lap time is recorded the game again crashes !! If possible solve with further patch !! TANK YOU


  • FraterHeraldFraterHerald Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2017
    I registered on this forum wanting to post a similar (or exactly the) same bug.

    I'm new to console racing and bought a complete set Xbox One X with F1 2017, playseat & Logitech racing wheel. I'm mentioning this to inform you that I have no comparisons to other games or previous versions.

    I'm only doing timetrials thus far and I have had no crashes until I started racing on Suzuka.
    The moment I reach "fastest lap" the game crashes completely and I am thrown back to the Xbox One X home screen.
    When completing a lap without reaching "fastest lap" I haven't had a crash yet.
    This means it may not depend on the circuit, but it just means I can still improve time on Suzuka and not on the other (the bug may have introduced itself in one of the latest updates).
    It may happen on more circuits, but thus far I only raced Silverstone, Abu Dhabi, Australia and Suzuka.

    The Xbox One X is running in preview Omega.
    Please fix this!!!
  • wordplay1wordplay1 Member New Car Smell
    I am also experiencing the game crashing - I was driving in a special event in the bahrain short with multiple classes (c1 and c2) and the game crashes in random places... please fix
  • RichardHolbrookRichardHolbrook Member New Car Smell
    Just picked up the game and every time I set a new fastest lap in time trial the game crashes back to the dashboard please fix asap
  • djm99djm99 Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2017
    same here, am gutted..took 2 days to download :(
    Edit, and in practice.
    Edit, and in any race.
    So to recap everytime i complete a lap in any mode the game crashes to the xbox x home page..please help
  • Ste6686Ste6686 Member New Car Smell
    Guys. Read the other topics on the matter. Work around is to disconnect the xbox from network before starting to play
  • PritchaPritcha Member New Car Smell
    My son also finds the game crashes on the Britain Short invitational at random places. Tested the game with just pulling to the side and not racing only then does it go to the end of the 4 mins anything else and it crashes and returns to the home screen.
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