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Dirt Rally - Bug- wrong indication from french copilot


Thanks for making the french copilot a girl, this is a nice touch. 
However, in the "pawt maur reverse" (i think this is how it is spelled), she completely mixes her indications up at one point, making it very frustrating. 

There are some other tracks where the copilot is also wrong. Please do QA pass on the french copilot and fix the wrong indication!

GG for the great game


  • zawalzawal Member New Car Smell
    I also noticed this problem,she indicates one right 6 while he sagit rather of one right to see a pin.
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  • YoMrWhiteYoMrWhite Member Race Steward
    There is at least one mistake in the german version too. Unfortunately, a nearly blind 90 degree corner where the copilot mixes up left and right. It's in Wales, although I don't recall the stage right now.
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  • sirehillsirehill Member New Car Smell

    happened again in french in "abies koilada", she said wrong instructions, please help :)
  • sirehillsirehill Member New Car Smell

    still no improvement. I can't play any of the online challenges competetitively because of this. 
    is there any dev reading this? 
  • junivincejunivince Member New Car Smell
    Still lot of mistake on each rally , time to fix it CM ! 
  • DeputyDiRTDeputyDiRT Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    Hello, sirehill 

    Can you please give me screenshots of where the issues are located and on which stages they are occuring, thanks
  • szut67szut67 Member New Car Smell
    Here is a particularly annoying example:

    Please note, that the graphic pacenote is right, but the audio definitely says "quate-vingt dix degrées GAUCHE sans couper".
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